Conditional Logic Ordering


I have 2 tier question regarding the conditional logic section.

1. Is there a way to change the order of the rules? If one is working with several rules, it can be challenging if a rule was added after the fact and we should be able to move the order (like page ordering). Screenshot attached.
2. When choosing a field in the condition, it is almost impossible to find a field if you have hundreds of them. If you are working through a first design, the latest field is at the end, but if you have to change something later, how can one find the field with ease? Perhaps there could be an easier search or even on the field ID if possible? Typing only allows a small search and, if you have lots starting with a similar text, you will find this very difficult. Also - if you have a long paragraph field, the screen stretches right off the screen instead of wrapping. Screenshot attached.

Are there any suggestions? This is becoming so difficult.

Thank you!

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