Conditional logic issue, Form builder view different than website view

Just starting with Forms Pro and I have a few issues to sort out before I go any further.

1. Conditional Logic issues
I am using a drop-down field for option selection and need to create conditional logic for five of the options.

The conditional logic for option 1 set up was fine but when I set up the second one, the option 1 conditional logic didn't work anymore, but the option 2 did. As I did the subsequent options, the previous options didn't work anymore and only the final one brings up the applicable new fields set.

2. Difference in look in Form Builder to website
What I am seeing in the form builder area does not match what is appearing on my development site, i.e. field text size and padding differs.

I tried inserting some custom CSS in the code editor and this visually changed it to look more uniform on the website, but unfortunately this has upset everything in the form builder area and I can't see labels or field names. Not so helpful when just beginning. How do I fix this issue without affecting the form builder area?

I would appreciate assistance with these issues. Thank you.

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