Conditional fields in forms

I have a problem implementing conditional fields.

I first ask how many children are in a family and then want to show a number of fields asking for name, first name and date of birth based on the number of children (max. 4). I set up 4 conditions.

If the answer is 1 child show fields name1, fname1 datebirth1
If the answer is 2 children show field name1, fname1, datebirth1, name2, fname2, datebirth2.
And so on.

If the answer given is 0 children, no fields are shown as is desired.

But when the answer 1,2 or 3 is given no fields are shown either.

When the answer 4 is given only te fields name4, fname4 and datebirth4 are shown, not the other fields.

What am I missing?

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