Balbooa Forms and Gridbox | Problem with Forms Rendering

Hello dear Balbooa team,

I approached you a few months ago with a support request regarding Balbooa Forms and Gridbox on my website Unfortunately, we did not find a solution back then. I contacted a developer friend of mine who took a look at my problem and gave me a number of hints as to what the problem was.

The problem:
My form is relatively extensive and is a booking system for camera equipment. It was a bit tricky to develop, but it now works very well. Unfortunately, I noticed the following problem: The initial selection of equipment with checkboxes reacts very slowly and sluggishly, depending on the device. On older cell phones, it takes a few seconds to check a box. This is not good, as customers think that the system is not working properly.

However, I have found that the problem does not exist with Gridbox version 2.15.1. With this Gridbox version there is no time delay and the checkboxes are checked immediately. However, when I update Gridbox to a newer version, the form becomes sluggish and slow again.

Basically, I don't want to stay on an old Gridbox version forever and ever, as I can no longer update Joomla.

To demonstrate the differences:

Live page:
Gridbox version: 2.15.1
Works well and fast!

Test page:
Gridbox version
Works slowly!

Now to the tips that my developer friend gave me along the way:

"When you call a checkbox in the form, a function "add" is executed on the test page, which is very time-consuming.

The "add" leads to a "Recalculate Style" or "Layout". In terms of content, the CSS class "hidden-condition-field" is added to each element of the form.

My colleague noticed the following line of code in particular causes the problem:
item.classList[method] ('hidden-condition-field');

This line is called several times when you activate a checkbox in the form, for example.

Now comes the interesting part:
In the live version of the page this also happens, but here adding the CSS class "hidden-condition-field" does not cause a "Recalculate Style" or "Layout" to take place.

So things are NOT re-rendered here and the form responds much faster.

The question is why this line of code leads to a new rendering in the test version, but not in the live version. "


Since I am not familiar with coding myself, I would like to ask you for help again. Why does the form work much better and faster with Gridbox 2.15.1 than with newer Gridbox versions? Which Gridbox version is buggy? Is it possible to speed up the form on newer Gridbox versions?

Thank you for your help.

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