Built-In Template Framework

Powerful Template

Next Generation Template Framework

Gridbox comes with a built-in Joomla template framework which allows you to configure
template in real time and see changes instantly.

Powerful Template Framework

Gridbox Template Framework provides full control over website Header, Footer, Typography, Body, etc. Configure each aspect of your Joomla template.

Joomla Template Framework Gridbox

Advanced Typography Options

Create an Impressive look of your Joomla Website combining different fonts and styles.
Complete control over the template typography.

Typography Options - Joomla Template Framework

Typography Options

You can easily customize the font family, font size, line height, letter spacing for every font on the site as well as customize the colors.

Google web fonts - Joomla Template Framework

800+ Google Fonts

Gridbox Template Framework comes packed with the complete collection of Google web fonts. More than 800 fonts are available for you.

Upload Custom Fonts - Joomla Template Framework

Upload Your Own Fonts

Gridbox allows you to upload your own font files and apply them to any element of your website without requiring a knowledge of html or css.

Three Font Icon Packs - Joomla Template Framework

Three Font Icon Packs

With Gridbox Plugin "Icons" you get three comprehensive font icon packs: Font Awesome, Material Icons and Outline Icons. Icons can be easily customized.

Template Header

Unlimited Header Layouts

Switch between vertical and horizontal layout, place logo and navigation where you want.
Build your header easily with a simple Drag and Drop.

Flexible Header Layouts

Gridbox provides you complete control over the template header layout. Resize columns, add new rows, move navigation, add new plugins. Forget about limitations.

Flexible Header Layouts - Joomla Template Framework

Vertical and Horizontal Header Layouts

Want to build the Joomla site with sidebar navigation?! No Problem! Switch to vertical header layout and build creative Joomla templates.

Sidebar navigation - Joomla Template Framework

Upload Your Logo and Favicon

Upload your logo as well as a favicon, adjust the logo size and using drag and drop place logo where you want. Gridbox supports .SVG logos.

Upload Your Logo and Favicon - Joomla Template Framework
One Page Navigation

Create One Page Joomla Site

With Gridbox you can create a truly awesome one page Joomla site with a one page navigation. Perfect choose to build a landing page.

Dot Navigation With Tooltips

Add a beautiful and modern look to your Joomla website. Create a one page scroll website with awesome vertical dot navigation.

Scrolling Navigation - Joomla Template Framework

Scrolling Navigation

Gridbox Provides you easiest way to add scrolling navigation to your Joomla website. The wide range of options allows to configure navigation style easily.

Developer Tools

Powerful Developer Tools

Tools for advanced developers allow you to customize Joomla site right from the editor.
Simple for beginners and powerful for professionals.

Live Code Editing - Joomla Template Framework

Live Code Editing

Powerful CSS and Javascript editor right in the Gridbox. Write your custom CSS and JS code in the editor and see changes instantly. Improve your speed and efficiency!

Add Custom Script - Joomla Template Framework

Add Custom Script

Gridbox has made adding scripts as easy as it possible. Add custom scripts into a Header or Body of the Joomla site right from the editor.