Advanced Responsive Editor

Mobile Devices

Works On All Mobile Devices

Gridbox Responsive Editor provides you full control over the mobile version
of the site. Without coding, you can configure your Joomla website on
all mobile devices and screen sizes.

Look Amazing on Every Device

Gridbox Responsive Editor includes 5 viewports. So whether it’s a phone, tablet - your website is going to look great for every visitor on every device!

Responsive Editor

Mobile Breakpoints Configuration

Gridbox Responsive editor gives you the ability to define the breakpoints between viewports. You can set your own media queries right from the editor's panel.

Mobile Breakpoints - Gridbox Responsive Editor
Mobile Friendly Content

Make Your Content Mobile Friendly

Gridbox responsive editor allows you to optimize your page content and website design
for mobile devices. Create Mobile-Friendly Content.

Mobile Typography - Gridbox Responsive Editor

Mobile Typography

Total control over the typography on smartphones and tablets. You can set different font sizes, spacings for any text element.

Responsive Styles - Gridbox Responsive Editor

Responsive Styles

Gridbox mobile editor allows you to configure the style of each plugin on the page, slideshows, buttons, counters etc. All styles can be edited responsively.

Hide Elements - Gridbox Responsive Editor

Hide Elements

In the Gridbox Responsive Editor you can set the visibility of elements for different screen sizes. You can display unique content for each mobile device.

Responsive Layout

Fully Responsive Grid Layout

Gridbox comes with a fully responsive grid layout by default and optimized to work on all
screens. Your content will look awesome on every device.

Responsive Column Layouts

Control size of columns on different devices with just few clicks.Take full control over responsive design and get best possible responsive Joomla websites.

Responsive Column Layouts - Gridbox Responsive Editor

Margins and Padding

You can change the margins and padding of individual sections, rows and columns. You can set different values for each device size.

Margins and Padding - Gridbox Responsive Editor
Responsive Menu

Responsive Mobile Menu

Gridbox navigation menu is fully responsive and can collapse into the mobile menu
depending on the screen size.

Responsive Mobile Menu - Gridbox Responsive Editor

Configure Responsive Menu

Wide range of options allow to configure stunning responsive menu for mobile devices. Change toggle colors, background, font size, position and even the responsive menu breakpoint.