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Manage your Joomla responsive site layout across all devices

Responsive Images - Set Up Joomla Responsive with Gridbox Editor
Content Visibility on Mobile Devices - Joomla Responsive
Setting Up Content on Different Devices - Joomla Responsive
Manage Breakpoints - Set Up Joomla Responsive with Gridbox Editor

Breakpoint management

Manage breakpoint values across all devices.

Desktop and laptop
Tablet landscape and portrait
Phone landscape and portrait

Editing mobile menu

Customize the mobile menu as you need.

Edit menu icon
Manage layout and design
Add any plugin inside
Editing Mobile Menu - Set Up Joomla Responsive with Gridbox Editor
Manage Website Design - Set Up Joomla Responsive with Gridbox Editor

Editing design on mobile

Assign unique design settings on each mobile device for better UI and UX.

Manage layout on mobile

Manage layout options across all mobile devices and screen sizes.

Columns order and width
Margins and paddings
Content align and more
Editing Page Layout on Mobile - Joomla Responsive

Commonly asked questions

Yes, all page items include the ability to manage visibility on each mobile device.

Yes! If you are using video backgrounds for desktops and laptops, for mobile devices will be better to display optimized image backgrounds to save user traffic.

In Joomla responsive design, the breakpoint is the point (specific width in pixels) at which responsive web pages change their layouts to provide better UI for the website visitors. Gridbox allows to set point in pixels for each device.

Gridbox comes with a built-in Joomla responsive preview tool that lets you switch between desktop, tablet, and mobile modes to see how your site will look on different devices.

Yes, Gridbox supports Joomla responsive fonts that allow you to set different font sizes for different devices, improving readability and user experience.

Gridbox allows you to use Joomla responsive images that automatically adjust to screen size, maintaining image quality and speeding up site loading on mobile devices.

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