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Blog Editor

Innovative Blogging Platform

Gridbox Blogging App it's an Innovative blogging platform for Joomla CMS allows you
to build stunning Joomla blog using Drag and Drop Editor.

Build a Joomla Blog Easilyā€ˇ

The wide range of tools allows you to build Joomla Blog without a line of code. Configure your Joomla blog in real time and see results instantly.

Build a Joomla Blog - Gridbox Blogging App
Flexible Layouts

Create Flexible Blog Layouts

Total control over the blog layout. Create a beautiful category and post layouts easily.
Create an awesome Joomla blog.

Joomla Blog category list - Gridbox Blogging App

Category List Layout

Nothing limit you to create own category layouts for your Joomla Blog, choose a Full-width, Boxed, Left Sidebar, Right Sidebar or Both Sidebars.

Joomla Blog Post Layout - Gridbox Blogging App

Awesome Post Layouts

Tons of options allow you to build awesome Post layouts for your Joomla Blog without coding, with just a simple Drag and Drop and resizing.

Blog Posts

Stunning Blog Post in Minutes

Blog Post editor allows you to create Blog Posts with advanced layouts in just a few clicks.
Build any post you can imagine easily.

Tools That Make Great Content

The Gridbox blog editor makes it easy to add text, galleries, videos, slideshows and other Gridbox plugins into your blog post. Add a story to your blog post.

Stunning Blog Post in Minutes - Gridbox Blogging App
Responsive Blog

Build a Responsive Blog

Build a fully responsive and mobile friendly Joomla blog. Your blog is going
to look great for every reader on every device!

Responsive Joomla Blog - Gridbox Blogging App

Create Mobile-Friendly Content

Joomla website builder Gridbox comes with a built-in Responsive editor which allows you easily configure and optimize your Joomla blog for mobile devices.