Bring your vision to life, showcases your brand and achieve your goals


Tailor your website to perfection with intuitive Gridbox system settings.


A vast collection of professionally designed themes that cater to various industries and styles.


A sleek and customizable preloader feature that adds an extra touch of professionalism and engagement.

404 page

Customize and turn an error into an opportunity to engage, redirect, and captivate your audience.

Coming soon page

Ignite anticipation and build buzz as you prepare to unveil your new services or website enhancements.

Import and export

Effortlessly manage, expand, and update your website content with our import and export functionality.

Import Joomla content

Save time, streamline your workflow, and ensure the accuracy of your data.


Control access and assign roles to team members, ensuring a  collaborative site development process.


Recover accidentally deleted items, keep your website organized, and permanently remove content.


Don't settle for cookie-cutter websites — unleash creativity and build any layout.

Module positions

Get complete control over the layout and arrangement of modules on your website.

Container width

Achieve the perfect balance between content and white space by creating structured pages.

Global colors

Define a set of color palettes that can be easily applied to various elements.

Header and footer

Enhance navigation and maintain brand consistency throughout your web pages.


Create a memorable brand identity with a custom logo that reflects your business values.


Elevate your website branding and adds a polished touch to your online presence.

Typography inheritance

Unlock the power of consistent typography and achieve visual appeal while saving time.

CSS units

Unleash creative freedom to design your website exactly as you envision it.


User-friendly navigation keeps your audience and makes them come back.


An uncluttered menu structure by allowing visitors to focus on your site content without distractions.


Compact design that maximizes screen space and provides easy access to your sections and pages.

One page menu

Simplified navigation that allows visitors to smoothly transition between different site sections.

Mega menu

Multi-level navigation structures that allow showcase icons and even item previews within the menu itself.

Sticky navbar

Navigation menu stays fixed on the screen even as visitors scroll down the page.


Jump to higher-level pages or parent categories without going through multiple clicks.

Scroll to top

Quickly and smoothly navigate back to the top of the page with just a single click.


Easily integrate a library of fonts and icons, or upload your own.

Google fonts

Seamless integration gives you access to a vast library of professionally designed fonts.

Custom fonts

Upload and use your own custom fonts to stand out from the crowd.

Websafe fonts

Widely supported across different devices, operating systems and various browsers.

Font Awesome icons

Install a vast collection of high-quality icons covering a wide range of categories and styles.

Outline icons

Minimalistic and sophisticated icons add a touch of elegance to your website.

Material icons

Add a touch of contemporary refinement that resonates with today's design trends.

Custom icons

Upload your own icons to create a visual language tailored specifically for your website.


Break down language barriers and serve customers from different countries.


Easily associate items with specific languages, making it convenient to evolve your website.


RTL support allows you to seamlessly display content in languages that read from right to left.

Language switcher

Visitors can easily switch between languages with a single click to choose their preferred one.

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