Display reviews on your site without relying on external platforms


Regularly monitor incoming reviews, manage them and respond promptly.

Dashboard managing

Provides a comprehensive view of all reviews so you can scan and assess their content.

Frontend managing

Designated users can moderate reviews on the frontend without visiting the dashboard.


Filter out inappropriate or spam content to maintain a high standard of review quality.

Email notifications

Notify users when someone responds to their reviews or when new reviews are posted.

Assign moderators

The admin can assign moderators to share responsibility for managing reviews.


Make the reviews on your site modern and functional using the tools below.

5 star rating

A fast and standardized way to evaluate the experience of using a product or service.

Attach photos

Increases the credibility and visual appeal of reviews, motivating others to use the product.

Social sharing

Create a network effect by allowing users to share their reviews on social media.

Social login

Encourage customers to leave reviews easier by simplifying the user authentication process.


Add an interactive element allowing users to show their support for helpful reviews.

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