Make your sites fast on all devices and improve search engine rankings


Make your beautiful images load fast, don't keep your customers waiting.

Optimize on upload

The one-click option instantly reduces the file size by compressing it without losing quality.


Forget about manual image optimization in third-party resources. Just turn on the performance options.


Optimizes images for different screen sizes and resolutions, ensuring images look great on any device.

Lazy load

A technique for reducing page load time that delays the loading of images until they are needed.

Page source

Identify unnecessary code to reduce file sizes and improve load times.

HTML minification

Removes white space and other characters that are not essential for rendering the webpage.

CSS minification

A code cleanup process that provides faster rendering of minified CSS code.

JavaScript minification

Reduces and rewrites the JavaScript code in binary to reduce the file size.

Deferred loading

Delays the loading of non-critical resources until the page is loaded.

Browser caching

Stores files in the browser cache so that the server doesn't reupload the page for the visitor.

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