Unleash your creativity and customize your website like never before


Take full control over the functionality and appearance of your site with ease.


No coding skills are required – just your imagination. Simply drag and drop elements.

Page plugins

From simple galleries to interactive elements, these plugins open up a world of possibilities for you.


Context menu

Quick and easy access to a wide range of tools and functions right at your fingertips.

Page structure

Create a well-organized site with a tool that displays the hierarchy of all elements on a page as a tree.

Page blocks

Empower you to quickly create stunning and dynamic web pages using wireframes.


Streamline your design process and transform the look and feel of your site with just a few clicks.


Increase the speed of building a website by moving previously created sections or plugins between pages.


Forget about tedious mouse movements, skyrocket your productivity and streamline your workflow.

Undo and redo

Mistakes happen, easily revert back to a previous state and undo any unwanted changes.


Easily manage and compare different versions of your pages, rollback to an older version in a few clicks.

Photo editor

Edit on the go with the built-in photo editor. No need for third-party software or complex editing tools.

Media manager

Effortlessly manage and organize all your images, videos, and other media assets in one central location.

Code editor

Dive into the nitty-gritty of coding with the ultimate tool for unleashing your coding creativity.


Enjoy the freedom to create any layout exactly the way you envision it.

12 columns grid

From single-column layouts to complex multi-column structures, the possibilities are endless.

Full width

Content spans across the entire screen width, creating a seamless and immersive design.

Full screen

Content takes center stage, capturing visitors' attention from the moment they arrive.


Make header, columns or sections sticky to draw attention to important content.

Content direction

Set the direction of plugins and place the items horizontally without adding another column.

Content align

Align any elements precisely to create a visually appealing and professional website.


Transform your website into a visually stunning masterpiece with flexible background settings.


Add an overlay to draw attention and encourage visitors to take the desired action.

Shape dividers

Add attractive dividers that break up the monotony of traditional rectangular sections.


Control the spacing between elements for a clean and well-structured layout.


Establish a sense of visual harmony and balance by adjusting the spacing within items.


Customize and preview borders in real-time with easy-to-use controls.


Add depth, dimension, and elegance to your elements with fully customizable shadows.


Easily create a website that adapts to different screen sizes and devices.


Get a unique design that looks amazing and different on any device.


Use full control over the responsive page layout to make it attractive on any screen size.


Text adjusts dynamically to provide an optimal reading experience across different devices.

Mobile menu

Stylize, customize the opening on any of the sides and even add plugins to it.


Define specific screen widths where your layout adapts to provide the best user experience.

Column order

Manage content by changing the order of columns on different devices.

Column width

Set for different screen sizes so your content resizes and repositions across devices.


Manage the visibility of elements on different screen sizes, guaranteeing an optimal UX.

Disable responsive

Gives you the freedom to create a fixed layout that stays the same across all screen sizes.


Start incorporating animations today to bring your website to life.


A wide range of appearance animations that will leave your visitors in awe.

On scroll

As users scroll down your pages, elements can fade in, slide in, or even scale up.


Captivating illusion of depth by moving different layers at different speeds as you scroll.


Take complete control over user permissions and access levels.


Choose the permissions you want to grant or restrict and assign them to user groups.


From editing content to managing settings, full control over what actions users can perform.

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