Unlock limitless possibilities with an innovative eCommerce extension


Effortlessly sell any product type by turning your passion into profit.

Physical products

Take your physical products to the digital realm, from fashion and electronics to home decor.

Digital downloads

Monetize your digital creations, from e-books and music tracks to software and courses.


Set up different membership tiers, including access to premium content or products.

Bundles and kits

Select bundles that combine complementary products, creating value-packed offerings.


Forget third-party extensions. Gridbox eCommerce has everything you need.


Uncover sales trends and performance metrics to drive your business to new heights.

Orders management

Easily streamline your order management process, view, create and edit customer orders.

Order statuses

Change order statuses to keep your employees and customers informed every step of the way.

CSV import and export

Quickly update large volumes of product info like SKU, pricing, and inventory quantities.

Signin and signup

A simple procedure that allows customers to easily create an account and access your store.

Shopping cart

Easily add products, review selections, and proceed to checkout with confidence.

Checkout page

Ensures a hassle-free transaction, increases customer satisfaction and boosts conversions.

Thank you page

Celebrate the completion of a successful purchase and leave a lasting impression.

Customer accounts

Allow shoppers to review their order history, access their digital receipts, and more.


Allows shoppers to create personalized collections of desired products.

Product listing

Effectively present your products, engage customers, and drive sales.

Listing layout

Create an attractive and user-friendly shopping experience with flexible customization options.

Pagination types

Try product pagination and infinite scrolling to determine the most effective approach.

Product filters

Empower visitors to narrow choices by using intuitive filtering and sorting options.

Live search

Provides real-time search results as users type, making it faster to find relevant products.

Search results

Design an effective search results page by easily changing any layout settings.


Bring your products to life and captivate your customers like never before.

Page layout

Elevate your online store and maximize the potential of your products with the live editor.

Inventory management

Easily manage stock quantities and receive alerts when products are running low.

Options and variations

Give your customers the power to personalize their purchases with ease.

Extra options

Enhance customer satisfaction and boost sales by allowing them to customize purchases.


Gain the trust of potential customers by showcasing authentic and unbiased reviews.


Encourage interaction and build a sense of belonging among your customers.

Related products

Maximize your sales potential by strategically cross-selling related products.

Product fields

Complete control over the info and details you display for each product.




Color picker

Image picker


Upload file

Text input

Text area


Attract more customers, stimulate sales, and foster customer loyalty.

Amount or percentage

Drive sales and entice shoppers by choosing the perfect savings strategy for your customers.


Offer discounts on specific products, on entire categories, on a cart, or even on all products.

Usage limit

Make your offer limited by setting how many times users can use the promo code.

Date limitations

Set dates for discounts, ensuring that they are valid only within a designated timeframe.


Ensure smooth and hassle-free delivery, providing an exceptional experience.

Store pickup

Instead of waiting for packages to be delivered, clients can receive their orders on the same day.

Free shipping

Get a competitive edge and position your brand as customer-focused, attracting new shoppers.

Flat rate

Provide unaltered shipping fees regardless of package size, weight, or destination.

Rate types

Add multiple rate types to provide shipping flexibility and fulfil different customer needs.

Shipping regions

Set different shipping rates and manage client expectations based on their geo-location.

Payment methods

Integrate various payment methods to cater to the preferences of each client.

Manual payment












PayU Polska






Maintain a good reputation and contribute to the overall tax ecosystem.

Included and excluded

Choose how to display tax-inclusive prices immediately or on the checkout page.

Country and region

Set the tax based on the customer location and the type of tax rate in the region.


Set varied tax rates for different categories of products depending on the jurisdiction.


Enable tax on shipping in some regions that require applying a tax to shipping charges.


Open up many options for displaying product prices in different currencies.

Multi currency

Add an unlimited number of currencies to reduce confusion related to conversion.

Auto update currency rates

Forget about changing the exchange rate manually, use the built-in Exchangerates.

Currency switcher

Simple plugin with clean layouts will beautifully display currency switching on your site.


Organize the work of managers and optimize customer communication.

Manage emails

Ability to edit store email notifications. Create emails in your brand design.

Send on order status

Automate order status emails to keep clients informed throughout the purchase period.

Delay email sending

A personalized way to notify customers about the end of a subscription or upcoming sales.

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