Build a strong community with the built-in comment system


Change settings, manage and restrict comments which contain spam.

Dashboard managing

Control the receipt and security of comments in a user-friendly environment.

Frontend managing

Manage comments directly from the site without visiting the admin dashboard.


Review and approve comments before posting to make ensure they are relevant.

Email notifications

Moderators and the post author will receive an email whenever someone leaves a comment.

Assign moderators

Assign moderator privileges to any of the registered users to improve response times.


Everything you need for a modern and functional interaction with the audience.


Add a fun element to online conversations to better convey emotions visually.


Share additional info or multimedia content related to the topic being discussed.

Social sharing

Allow users to share comments on social media platforms, expanding the reach of your content.

Social login

Make life easier for your visitors by allowing them to log in with their social media accounts.


Give users a quick way to express their support or agreement without leaving a comment.

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