Explore all available features of appointment booking app

Booking types

Provide flexibility in scheduling different events, services or accommodations.

Single day

Reservation is only for one day. Ideal for renting a conference room or reserving a banquet hall.

Time slots

Fixed time intervals when a client can make an appointment with a cosmetologist or hairdresser.

Multiple nights

Booking for several days with a fixed price per night. Suitable for hotels and rental housing.

Private groups

Set a limited number of participants for group tours or corporate events.


Manage all your appointments and schedules online with ease.

Manage bookings

Effortlessly manage reservations, add a new booking, reschedule, and delete appointments.

Block booking hours

In a few clicks, block off times to prevent clients from booking when you are unavailable.

Setting booking hours

Open hours can be defined for each weekday. Feel free to add multiple time blocks for one day.

Booking restrictions

Limits allow you to define the latest and earliest possible moment to book an appointment.


The notification panel keeps you informed about new and upcoming appointments.

Booking Filters

Apply multiple filters by service or payment status, and also filter appointments by date.

Booking schedule

Efficient viewing mode to display all bookings sequentially without empty blocks.

Email notifications

Notify the admin about new bookings, send confirmation and reminder for clients.

Manage emails

Edit booking email notifications, providing your clients with a personalized experience.

Booking confirmations

Notifications confirming the successful booking, ensuring clarity of the process for customers.

Appointment reminders

Automated notifications reminding customers about upcoming appointments.

Online payments

Provide secure and convenient payment for services or reservations online.

Payment gateways

Easily integrate your booking site with popular payment gateways such as PayPal, Mollie, etc.

Partial prepayment

Add upfront payment for services by deposit during booking to minimize cancellations.

Appointment booking made easy