Create a professional-looking Joomla blog quickly and easily


Easily create, design and publish your own content into attractive Joomla blog posts.

Post editor

An intuitive interface for formatting text, adding images and media, and organizing content.


Assign tags to organize content and allow visitors to filter and browse specific topics.


Provide a logical structure and help readers access the content of interest more effectively.


Allow readers to voice their opinions, share ideas, ask questions, and engage in discussions.

Social sharing

Allows users to share interesting content on their social network, driving more traffic.


Suggests relevant posts to readers based on the content they are currently viewing.

Next and previous

Provide convenient navigation for readers to explore the Joomla blog content in sequence.

Post listing

Provide an overview of available content and make Joomla blog easier to navigate.

Listing layout

Configure and display multiple Joomla blog posts in a structured and organized format.

Pagination types

Choose a pagination type for dividing posts into pages to improve navigation and load times.

Recent posts

Let readers quickly access and explore the latest content added to the Joomla blog.

Most popular

Highlights posts that have resonated, helping readers discover the most viewed articles.

Live search

Provides instant search results, allowing users to quickly find relevant blog posts.


Assigning authors increases reader engagement and a sense of community.

Author Info

Profile page helps readers learn more about the author and explore their other posts.

Multiple authors

Display multiple authors on your Joomla blog, providing richer and more varied content.

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