VKontakte Comments

Gridbox plugin VK Comments allows you to add flexible commenting tool. VK comments plugin allows VK users to leave comments on your website without having to register on your site. In this tutorial, you'll find step by step guide how to create VK Application ID.

How to create VKontakte application.

In order to use Gridbox Plugin VK Comments on your site, you will need to create a VK application.

1. Create a new VKontakte application.

Visit VKontakte Developers and click on the button Create an Application.

Create a new VKontakte application

2. Enter Application Info.

At this step you need to select category "Website", enter "Site address" and "Base domain". Click on the button "Connect Site"

Enter VKontakte Application Info

3. Confirm VKontakte application via SMS.

At this step you will need to confirm created VKontakte application. Enter your phone number and click on the button "Confirm".

Confirm VKontakte application via SMS

4. Get your VKontakte application ID.

At sidebar click on the menu "Settings", copy your application ID and paste in the relevant field, in the plugin settings.

Get your VKontakte application ID