Gridbox Store Statistics

Store Statistics is a reporting widget that allows you to analyze the store transactions by a graph. In this tutorial, we’ll show you where view store statistics data.

The statistics widget is installed automatically with the Gridbox Store App. Store Statistics is located right on the Gridbox Dashboard.

Store Statistics in Gridbox Store App - Joomla Website Builder Gridbox

You can filter order statistics by date range:

  • Daily - default view that shows the current calendar date;
  • Weekly - the date range that displays last week's values;
  • Monthly - the date range based on the display of each month;
  • Yearly - the date range that displays each data point includes the sum for the year;
  • Custom - custom date range. To set your own range, click the date picker and select the desired start date, then click the end date.

Also, you can view the best-selling products (displayed by total product sales).