Gridbox Mobile Editor

How to Configure Your Gridbox Website on Mobile Devices?Joomla! Website Builder Gridbox comes with a built-in mobile editor. Gridbox Mobile Editor it's a powerful and easy to use tool, which allows you to configure your Joomla Website view on mobile devices easily and fast, and most important - you don't need to be an IT Geek, you can configure your Joomla Website on mobile devices without touching a line of code.

In this tutorial, we'll show you the basics of how to use Gridbox Mobile Editor and how to configure you Joomla! Website on mobile devices.

Understanding the Basic Principles.

The main principles of the editor - Inheritance! As in the CSS the styles come from the parent. What does it mean?!

1. If you change styles on the Desktop, the changes will also be applied on the tablet and on the smartphone;

2. If you change styles on the Tablet, the changes will also be applied on the on the smartphone, but not on the Desktop;

3. If you change styles on the Smartphone, the changes will be applied only on the on the Smartphone, but not on the Desktop and Tablet;


Start configuring the mobile view of your Joomla! website from the tablet, after you are completely finished with a tablet, go to your smartphone!

Step 1: Switch to Mobile Editor.

From the Gridbox editor navigate to Desktop, from the drop down menu select device.

Switch to Mobile Editor - Gridbox Mobile Editor

Step 2: Edit items.

The process of editing elements is similar to editing on the Desktop.

Edit items on Mobile Devices - Gridbox Mobile Editor