Managing Orders In Gridbox Store App

The Store App of Joomla Website Builder Gridbox allows you to manage store orders. You can view, create, edit customer orders, and change order status. In this tutorial, we'll show you how to manage store orders in Gridbox Store App.

Creating Order

The Gridbox Store App allows you to manually create a new order. This feature is for an occasion in which you need to add order on behalf of the client.

1. In the Gridbox dashboard mouseover on the icon Store ➝ Orders.

2. Click the button “Add New Item”.

3. Enter customer info, add products, and fill in all the fields you need.

4. Click the icon “Save”.

Creating New Order - Gridbox Store App

Viewing and Editing Order

The Gridbox Store App allows you to view and edit orders in case the client wants to change the size or color of an item in their order, for example.

To view store order click on it.

Viewing Order - Gridbox Store App

To edit order click the icon “Edit”.

Editing Order - Gridbox Store App

Changing Order Status

You can change the status of the order, add notes, and view the date the status changed.

To change the order status click on the order ➝ the icon “Edit” ➝ select status ➝ add notes ➝ click the button “Save”.

Changing Product Order - Gridbox Store App

Click the tab next to view detailed order history.

NOTE: Only the order with the status “Completed” is displayed in the statistics.

Downloading and Printing Order

You can download and print any order with any status.

Click the order that you want to download ➝ click the icon "Download" at the top right.

To print order, click on it ➝ click the icon "Print".

Sorting, Searching, Filtering

If you have a large number of store orders, sorting, filtering, and searching will help you to find orders you're looking for faster.

Sorting. You can sort store orders by:

  • Order ID;
  • Order status;
  • Date;
  • Total.

Searching. You can search orders by:

  • Order ID;
  • Email;
  • Customer name.

Filtering. You can filter orders by date.