How To Import Joomla Content To Gridbox

How to import Joomla content to the Gridbox? Joomla Website builder Gridbox allows you to import all Joomla content in minutes by just a few clicks. By importing Joomla content, all articles settings are saved and migrated to the Gridbox. The Gridbox took care of saving your time.

In this short tutorial, we’ll show you how to import Joomla content to the Gridbox easily and fast.

Step 1: Navigate To Options

From the Gridbox admin panel, click an icon "Options" and select “Import Joomla Content”.

How To Import Joomla Content To Gridbox

Step 2: Import Joomla Content

In the opened modal window select the Gridbox App in which you want to migrate the Joomla content and click the button "Import".

Migrate Joomla Content to Gridbox

All content of Joomla article will be placed to the Gridbox plugin Text.


Tags and categories of Joomla articles can be imported only to the Gridbox Blogging App.


Importing Joomla content may take some time. If you used Import previously, will be created duplicate content!