Gridbox PRO Subscription

The Joomla Website Builder Gridbox has a lot of powerful and flexible PRO features. To get access to all Gridbox PRO features, you need to Activate License. License activation is available to customers who have Gridbox PRO Subscription.

This guide explains what Gridbox PRO Subscription provides, and what happens to websites after the subscription ends.

What Does Gridbox PRO Subscription Provide?

The Gridbox PRO Subscription during the active period provides an opportunity to install Gridbox PRO functional - themes, plugins, content blocks, apps and etc.

Is It Possible To Install Gridbox PRO Functional On Multiple Websites?

Yes, you are free to install Gridbox PRO functional on as many websites as you like.

What Happens To Websites After The Subscription Ends?

After the end of the Gridbox PRO Subscription website will continue work as before. You will still be able to edit and create new pages. You will receive updates, and you can use the PRO functional that was installed during the period when your subscription was active.

Is It Possible To Install Gridbox PRO Functional After The Subscription Ends?

No, you will not be able to install new Gridbox PRO functional. The installation of the PRO functional is available only during the active subscription period.