Facebook Comments

Gridbox plugin Facebook Comments allows your website visitors leave comments on your site using their Facebook account. People can share their comments with their friends on Facebook as well. In this tutorial, you'll find step by step guide how to create Facebook App ID for your website.

Creating an App ID.

In order to start using Gridbox Plugin Facebook Comments on your site, you need to create an App ID.

1. Log into your developer account.

Visit Facebook Developers page and login to your Facebook account.

2. Create Facebook app.

Click on "My Apps" at top right corner. Navigate to Add New App.

Add New Facebook App

3. Enter Your New App’s Information.

Enter your new App’s Display Name, Contact Email address and click "Create App ID".

Enter Your Facebook App Information

4. Configure the App to Work on Your Website.

At sidebar click on the menu "Settings" >> "Basic", and then click on "Add Platform" button.

Add Platform - Facebook App

In the appeared popup window select "Website" as your platform. Enter your website URL in "Site URL" input Field.

Website - Facebook App

5. Get Your Facebook App ID.

Now your application is configured. Copy your application ID

Copy Your Facebook App ID

and paste in the App ID field, in the plugin settings.

Copy Your Facebook App ID