Configuring Payment Methods In Store App

The Gridbox Store App comes with a wide range of payment methods that allow you to accept payments from customers. In this short tutorial, we’ll show you how to set up payment methods in the Store App of Joomla Website Builder Gridbox.

Adding Payment Methods

The Gridbox Store App allows you to add online and offline payment methods.

Adding Payment Methods in Gridbox Store App - Joomla Website Builder Gridbox

Online Payment Methods

1. In the Gridbox dashboard mouseover on the icon Store ➝ Payment Methods.

2. Click the button “Add New Item” and select the payment method you want to add.

Offline Payment Methods

Click the item Manual Payment ➝ enter Title ➝ click the icon “Save”.

Manual Payment allows creating a custom offline payment method and accepts payment in different ways: cash, checks, bank transfer, money orders, etc. Payment takes place outside of your site, directly between you and the customer.

Using Manual Payment, you can create the required number of offline payment methods and add any title, for example: “Money Orders”, “Postal Orders”, “Bank Transfers”, “Cash Payments”, “Cash on Delivery”, etc.

Order Payment Methods

Use Drag & Drop to move items.

Sort items by drag and drop allow you to place payment methods in the order you need. Changes in the placement of payment methods will be displayed on the frontend.