How to add Google Fonts to Joomla?

Typography and font-choice affect the readability and perception of the site as a whole. And since texts are the main sources of information on the site, the choice of the font must be treated with special care to provide easy readability to site visitors. Google Fonts gives you access to over 900 fonts that you can use on your Joomla site absolutely for free. Joomla Website Builder Gridbox provides you easiest way of adding Google fonts to your Joomla site.

In this a 2-step tutorial, you will know how to add Google Fonts to Joomla with Gridbox.

Step 1: Open Font Library.

In the Gridbox Editor click the button “Tools” and select “Font Library”. Then in the modal window of Font Library click the “Add Google Fonts” icon.

Open Font Library - How to add Google Fonts to Joomla with Gridbox?

Step 2: Add Google Fonts.

In opened modal window “Add Google Fonts” from dropdowns select “Font Family” and “Font Weight”. Click the button “Save”.

Add Google Fonts - How to add Google Fonts to Joomla with Gridbox?

NOTE! Using Google fonts affects the load speed of your Joomla site. To get better performance on your Joomla site we recommend to use Custom Fonts.