How To Add Gridbox Content Editor To Zero App

How To Add Gridbox Content Editor To Zero App

Joomla Website Builder Gridbox has tons of options and features. And today we will tell you about functionality that some of you may not even know about. Using the Zero App, you can create your own content apps with custom fields. But did you know that in the Zero App, in addition to custom fields, also you can add a “Content Editor”? With the Content Editor, you will take advantage of all Gridbox power: Sections, Rows, Nested Rows and Gridbox Plugins. So, in these tips & tricks, we’ll share with you details on how to add Gridbox Content Editor to Zero App.

Adding Custom Fields and Post Content Plugin

Step 1: Open Single Post Layout.

From the Zero App dashboard open the “Settings” and go to "Single Post Layout".

Single Post Layout Editor - Joomla Website Builder Gridbox

Step 2: Add Plugin Post Content.

In the Single Post Layout add custom fields that you need and after that add the plugin "Post Content".

Gridbox Plugin Post Content

Step 3: Save Changes.

Save changes and close the Single Post Layout editing.

Filling Out Fields and Adding Sections

Add New Item and go to edit a page. Two tabs will become available to you in the Gridbox Editor. Filling custom fields takes place in the "Item Submission" tab.

By going to the tab “Advanced Editor” you can use all the power and flexibility of the Joomla website builder Gridbox. Sections, Rows, Nested Rows and Gridbox Plugins are available for you and can be used.

Item Submission Tab and Advanced Editor

Did you know about this hidden feature? Plugin Post Content was available since Zero App original release. We are sure that this tip & trick was useful for Gridbox users. Plugin Post Content adds a lot of Gridbox core features inside the Zero App Post. Enjoy!

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