The End of Balbooa Joomla! Templates. Dinosaurs Will Die!

Today we want to talk about the future of our Joomla Templates and tell you about our plans. Ladies and Gentlemen, fasten your seatbelts!


This template is no longer available. Look through all existing Joomla Templates.

Many of you saw that after the Gridbox component release we relocated the Joomla! Templates menu from the Main menu to the footer. Two weeks ago we have released a Nomad theme, which is available only for Gridbox users.

By these actions we have hinted that the future of our company - Joomla Templates.

And today we want to inform:


From 1st September 2016, the Templates that are located on the page Joomla Templates, will not be available for download!

Gridbox real time editor

Why we are doing it?!

It's quite simple, Joomla Templates versus Gridbox Themes, is the dinosaurs! So we have to go forward. Dinosaurs will die!

Comparison of Balbooa Templates and Gridbox Themes

In this comparison we will not take into consideration the design, because design is a very subjective concept "someone like a blue color, and another love orange…"


Gridbox Theme. Gridbox Theme can be installed in a few clicks. If you haven't installed Gridbox Themes before, we propose you to watching this video:

You need to install the Gridbox component, and import a theme, and that's all.

Quickstart Package. The installation of Quickstart is a quite an event. First you have to upload files to the hosting, then unpack, create database and user for database, assign database to database user and then to install it.

Certainly for advanced Joomla user, it's not difficult, but for a new user this is really headache.


Gridbox Theme. Gridbox is an irrevocable leader according this factor. The editing process of pages or all template in Gridbox, this is an enchantment . It's very simple, user-friendly, fast and you can see what you are creating. The process of editing / creating happens in real time.

Gridbox real time editor

If you want to change the text in the Gridbox Theme, you have to click on it and change. Try it by yourself: Try Gridbox Editor

Joomla Templates. In the Joomla Templates, everything is completely different. If you want to change any element, you must first find it in the modules or in the article, and then to change it.

"After trying the Gridbox, I'll never can't work with the standard templates. It's better thing, that I've ever seen for Joomla…"


A few days ago, we have received a question in our forum:

Question: How to change the width of the logo position in the Joomla! template?!".
Answer: Need to open index.php file of the template and replace the span's"

But how it's uncomfortable!!! It was a simple routine practice for us 2 years ago, but not for now. Today, after using Gridbox, it looks so ugly!

And seriously, in Gridbox, you can build an incredible headers in real time. You haven't to open any files, only with Drag & Drop you build header like you want. If you need to change the width of any position, no problems. Take your mouse and move apart.

Or for example, people often ask us how to add a "Scroll Down" button, and if you use the classic template, you have to add HTML and write the code. But If you will try Gridbox plugin "Smooth Scrolling", you will be incredibly surprised, everything can be much easier!

Do you know how to create one page template?, and exactly how to do a navigation for one page template?! And now look how it's easy to do with Gridbox.


The major problem of our Joomla templates is that they include old modules which aren't supported anymore. 6slides, 6maps, 6gallery, 6contacts not supported anymore!

Gridbox plugins - much better! 23 plugins are available at the moment! They modern and include powerful functionalities. And of course, it must be noted that the plugins you can edit in real time, that is much more comfortable and easier.

"Was looking for a new front end for Wordpress then came across Gridbox and the chance to use Joomla…"


3rd Party Extensions

Certainly the Joomla Templates are winning here. Quickstart's allow to install templates with 3rd Party Extensions, and that is not possible to do with Gridbox themes.

In favor of Gridbox Themes we want to inform: Gridbox is compatible and works very well with the most popular Joomla Extensions: Virtuemart, Hikashop, K2, ZOO, Kunena Forum, etc.

So, you can install Gridbox theme and after that install 3rd party extension. By the way, today we saw really awesome Business website, based on Gridbox with installed Kunena Forum.


For sum up the above mentioned information, we have created a comparison table.

Gridbox Theme

Quickstart Package

The One Click demo installation



Gridbox Inlcude Front End Live Edittor



Very Frequent Updates and Bug fixes



Modern and Flexible Plugins



3rd Party Extensions
QS packages can include 3rd extensions



Imagine that Apple still supported IPhone 1, it seems absurd, isn't? We just want to say, that removing the old products is a normal development process.

More narrow spectrum of products allows us to create powerful, innovative and easy to use extensions for Joomla! CMS

If we still supported the 6gallery module, we couldn't create a Gallery component, component Forms never came out, if we put all our efforts in 6contacts module…

To build a new and beautiful house – you have to demolish the old one. Peace and Love!

Download Joomla Page Builder Gridbox