Spacious - Creative Joomla eCommerce Solution

Spacious - Creative Joomla eCommerce Solution

Balbooa Spacious is a Joomla Template with incredible design and powerful features for on-line store building. In Spacious template Balbooa designers implemented all creativity potential that they have accumulated since company creation. Our latest Joomla eCommerce template is completely different from any other designs that you can find on the market now.


This template is no longer available. Look through all existing Gridbox Joomla Templates.

The design of Spacious is the most creative child that we have ever given birth. We reconceived the location of main menu and footer, we just turned them. Yes, we turned our Joomla eCommerce template upside down. As you can see on demo the footer is located at the top part of the website as a drop-down element, as for menu, it is at the bottom and it appears after clicking the " three rows button " in the left bottom corner. The menu is closed as easily as opened by clicking on " X " button that has replaced previous one. It is impossible to tell how much afford we have placed into Spacious. Every font, every element and every page of what was created by brainstorm creative thinking of every member of the team of 6. We recommend to try the demo, because there are no enough words to describe this masterpiece.

What is inside?

Features of Spacious eCommerce template are rich and powerful. Your stunning online store, built on Spacious, will get orders not only from desktops, but from mobile phones and tablets. All resolutions in our Joomla eCommerce template are superb supported.

With Spacious you can in any time customize your online store pages with the kit of elements that are packed in quickstart of our Joomla eCommerce template. Of course we didn' t forget to give new design to standart Joomla pages like Joomla article, registration and login pages.

The "Contact us" page of our Joomla eCommerce template is also great designed. It is created with a help of our powerful free modules 6contacts and 6maps. It will give your customer detailed answer on questions: "Where are you located?" and "How to contact you with the question". Above listed features are not completed, the tidbit is discussed bellow.

The main extensions.

The main extension that plays the role of the heart of our Joomla eCommerce template is Hikashop. Hikashop is a powerful fully customizable Joomla extension that provides you full control on all sales, products in stock and customer information. In addition Hikashop gives you the best detailed statistic on every sale in any unit of time.

We can say that our Joomla eCommerce template Spacious is built around that extension. Every homepage contains information about products that are uploaded into Hikashop. This eCommerce extension has great modules like latest products module or the most popular products module that are also used in some variants of homepages.

The next extensions is a part of our Premium Joomla extensions kit. The most popular, powerful and simple Joomla media gallery that is now on the market. Developed with love. 6gallery.

6gallery contains the functions of Joomla image gallery and Joomla video gallery in one extensions. Portfolios that are created with a help of 6gallery are distinguished by its creativity and accuracy. Spacious is not an exception. Portfolios here works excellent, style and fonts of our Joomla eCommerce template gives a special piquancy to the portfolio.

The next extension that we have insert in Spacious is K2. Maybe you don't really need it when you built an online shop. But it is very important and useful Joomla extension for every website. You should not neglect it. Blog is a needed thing on every website. With K2 you can easily create interesting news, optimize them for search engines and show information for your users.

All slideshows in Spacious are created with a help of our next created module 6slides. 6Slides is a fully customizable Joomla slideshow module, creating slideshow with take only 1 minute. In addition the great kit of options provides you big choice in displaying variants. Our slider you can find on every homepage on demo. We recommend to see how all this extensions are working on the demo.

Why I would choose Spacious.

As for me Spacious is an ideal Joomla eCommerce template for building online store even for the first time. Combination of rebellious, bold design, great features and powerful extensions will certainly impress your visitors and potential customers. So don't waste time! Our Joomla eCommerce template is available now in all Family memberships, those who are not in the membership plan you can change the situation in one click. Become a member of the family right now, choose the plan for 6 month or 1 year and get access to all templates and extensions. Hurry up! Spacious is waiting to build a the great online store for YOU.