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The simplest way to show your content is to put it in one place. So today we present the most lightest Joomla one page template that you can find in our Joomla Templates section. What is important for artists? To create superior products and easily show them to the public. We think that the main part of the time they must direct to creation, following this idea we created our first Joomla one page template, its name Sixbros.

Sixbros - Joomla One Page Template

With our one page Joomla template you don't have to waste time understanding how to manage all pages to make the website simple and superior. It has just one page, where all content from information to your works gathered in one place, you just have to do one action - scroll. We even removed the blog from our template, because works can tell much more. It was the best solution because artists don't have time to write boring blog posts, they just want to create.

Our Sixbros one-page template for Joomla was developed not only for creative artists, it is superiorly suited to the company, corporate website. It takes a little time for the client to see all information about your company, your projects, and your services. They will definitely propose you a project because Sixbros convince them and the Our team section finish them! Together with Joomla portfolio template Uncover, our Joomla one page template continues the way of artist-oriented templates.


In our Joomla one page template you have two variants of header displaying with an image background and video background depends what you like more. Image header is made with a help of an amazing 6slides module and consist of two displaying variants:

  • with fixed background and slider in front
  • with a slide's background

Then it comes video background, I like it very much because you can upload a superior video of your working process or something else and it will play a great role in understanding how you create your masterpieces. 

In all variants, you can add an amazing text and call to action button to direct your customers to scroll below and see all information.


As you can see in our Joomla one page template header menu follows you during page scrolling and it has an amazing usability thing - it highlights the section where you are now. In addition, you can choose between classic and overlay menu. The main advantage of the overlay menu is that all items are hidden in one small button on the right, it gives you more place to show all awesomeness of your background. When you press that small button on the right the great big menu with a black background overlays the page and then you can choose the right section and a menu will hide as well as appeared.


In our one page Joomla template your works will be presented in a superior way with a powerful 6gallery module. Never before it has been so easy to add pictures into a module, just drag them and they will appear on the frontend. In 6gallery you can divide images into categories in the simplest way, also you can add image description, alt and link. 6gallery has the ability to choose amazing hover effects, easing animations and transition effects.


The main thing for the company is a team. You have to show your team on a website because it generates a trust relationship. In our Joomla one page template Sixbros we tried to make the Our team section the most informative, there you can add photos of your team, name and description. Don’t forget to put in social links, because it is important for clients to ask a question in a comfortable way.

What do I like the most about this template? A short greeting message, that you can add from every member of your team. It is an amazing thing, you just hover on one of the specialists and it already speaks to you!

Happy Clients

Our happy clients' section is made with a help of the 6slides module, where you in a second can add pictures with customers' opinion about your company. The huge option potential allows you to customize 6slides and reach the ideal display of your website with our Joomla one page template.

Admin Panel

Some weeks ago we have created a custom admin area for our modules and named it Aurum. Yes, we think it is a golden admin area, no one has the same now, and we glad to say that all our modules in this template are installed with this admin area, so working in the admin area becoming more comfortable and cozy. But it isn't all, we have a surprise for you - only in this template now Aurum is set like a default admin area, all other templates will receive it later.


In conclusion, we like to say that this Joomla one page template has a lot of cozy features that will delight you. Modules, one page superior design, content in one place, our team section is what makes this template a top-class Joomla one-page template. Sixbros is a total must-have template!

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