Portfolio Joomla Template Lattice

Portfolio Joomla Template Lattice

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Are you a Designer, Photographer, Architect, Web developer, Fashion designer, Freelancer and you need a simple website for your amazing works?! Lattice is your choice! Lattice is a strict and elegant Joomla Template with a fantastic sliding menu and well-chosen fonts. Lattice makes your portfolio stylish and impressive. Your potential customers will be pleasantly surprised!

Portfolio Joomla Template Lattice


Lattice template based on Joomla Gallery extension. Gallery makes Lattice - very simple to use. You need just to upload images, add descriptions, and voila... Your latest project successfully added to your personal portfolio.

Joomla Portfolio Template - Gridbox Theme Lattice

Gallery description allows you to describe all details of your project and even more, you can add videos and images to the description! Also, Gallery allows sharing links to your projects across the most popular social networks: Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

All features of the Gallery component can find here: Balbooa Joomla Gallery.

Joomla Portfolio Template Lattice


Writing is more important than ever. Write a perfect blog post about your projects, about your ideas with help of a beautifully designed K2 extension. One of the most popular blogging extensions for Joomla CMS.

Template Features

  • Strict and elegant design
  • Joomla 3.x Quickstart package with demo data included
  • Built on Twitter Bootstrap Framework
  • 100% Fully responsive
  • Support browsing via by all major browsers
  • Simple to use template admin panel
  • Built­in Gallery powerful image Gallery extension
  • Built­in K2 Blog
  • Built­in drag and drop form builder Forms

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