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Joomla Magazine Template Nero

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Looking at the giants of online Magazines and dreaming to create yours? Have well-prepared content and don't know how to make it well displayed? Want to start your Joomla Magazine website as wast as possible? You are in the right place, just have a look at Nero - the freshest Joomla Template from Balbooa Joomla templates developer.

Nero - Shiny Magazine Template for Joomla

The main idea of our Joomla Magazine template is to create an association with a paper version of the Magazine. What do you see when you take the magazine in your hands? The first page. On the web, it's called the homepage. A homepage is a place where all information is gathered and sorted to arouse the interest of visitors to continue reading. To make the user take exactly your Magazine off the shelf, the homepage has to be bright and conspicuous.

The homepage of Nero, our Magazine template for Joomla intently attracts attention. The mix of orange and black shades is very pleased, in addition, it creates a comfortable area to absorb news, interviews, and reviews. As for content filling of our Magazine Joomla template, this function is performed by a simple, custom-developed and irreplaceable module - 6news.

All latest news on the homepage is generated by the 6news from different categories. Of course, when you start building your Joomla Magazine website with Nero you will have the ability to change this easily because 6news has powerful features and a user-friendly admin panel.

As a classic Homepage, ours has Slider on the top, where you can manually fill in popular articles or interesting news. As an addition, I want to say that the homepage of our Joomla Magazine Template has all the main roads to any website section, like the menu on the top, or category section at the bottom. We said a lot about the homepage, let's see another feature of Nero.

Template Design

Chasing the idea of transform paper Magazine on the web, we decided to make our Joomla magazine template Boxed design only. We have seen a great number of projects connected with online magazines and newspapers and we want to say that they all are boxed...

without variants to choose from. Why?

We have only one answer. It is the most common design for Magazines and Newspapers because it creates a visual association with the paper. Every Magazine has a margin from the right and left for not to close parts of the text with fingers. It is useful because magazine websites are mostly read from tablets, and users imagine that they are reading a more understandable paper magazines.


We have come to the most important thing on every Magazine website — the News section. For News sections in our Joomla Magazine template Nero, we use the K2 extension. In our opinion, K2 is the most powerful extension for creating the great News Section. It gives you the ability to create articles very fast. We are sure that you will certainly work with a big amount of text on your Magazine website, and the faster you can finish one article, the faster you will start the next, it is important not to lose time on technical parts of news adding and concentrate only on writing skills.

The full power of K2 you can try on the blog page. You can see that in addition to standard features of adding text and image K2 propose to use tags and categories. You can sort your content on a big number of categories and stand out the most interesting topics by tagging them. It is very useful because you can give your reader the most interesting content and movement from one part of this content to another will be easy and interesting.

Joomla Extensions

We only make a review of the most important Joomla extensions that are used in our Joomla Magazine template. The full list of extensions you can see and try on the demo. In addition, our template has Hikashop, shop extensions with what Nero start becoming a powerful Joomla eCommerce template. For what you need this? Maybe you will want to sell products with your logo, t-shirts, cups for coffee or stickers...

We also have inserted the powerful Media gallery in our Joomla magazine template. Its name 6gallery and it is created by us. 6gallery turns the creation of an online portfolio into a simple process of drag and drop adding, sorting and describing images and videos. You will totally need this for publishing photos of your team or videos from funny company vacations.

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