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Joomla Template Roocky

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We prepared a lot for this date. Months of site developing, module creating, thinking about what we have to do in this world, what we have to change in this world, and what the template has to look like. And today you finally can see what we can do. 

Today we are opening a new section on our website, it is called Joomla Templates. Today our first Joomla template is ready for purchase. Enjoy it! Your Joomla! the site will be pleased if you set our template on it. 

Joomla Template Roocky has an awesome design and a big list of features, have a look at them.

Choose Your Color

We are respecting your individuality and giving you 6 color schemes with Roocky template.

Page Elements

Roocky has a lot of page elements such as buttons, accordions, call to action, icons, and lists with a help of which you can create all pages you need in superior view. Especially for Roocky we develop custom pricing tables. We spent a lot of time on the design of this element and we are sure you will love it.


Create a creative portfolio with a help of 6gallery. Download your image with one click, organize it into categories and make a superior portfolio with charming moving animation.


Become an awesome blogger with the Joomla template Roocky blog. Our blog is created on K2 and it is giving awesome features like one and two-column displaying of your blog posts, categories and tags highlighting, and much more. Take care of your readers give them an awesome blog.

Contact Form

Be in touch with your customers with Roocky template. Choose from two layouts that were made with a help of 6contacts and 6maps. In every layout, there is a beautiful map with large options and a contact form with various fields to display.

Wide or Boxed

Choose between Wide and Boxed layouts and set your custom background.

Font Awesome Icons and Google Fonts

Joomla template Roocky supports all Google fonts and has Font Awesome icons, that give you scalable vector icons that can instantly be customized.

Stunning CSS3 Animation Effects

Roocky template has stunning animation created with the help of CSS3.

Mobile Friendly

Joomla template Roocky highly optimized for desktop, laptop, tablet and phone, so you will receive users from all devices.

It is not all features that the Joomla template Roocky has. We do not stop on this list of features, we have a lot of plans about updating the Roocky, so follow our blog to be in touch.

Joomla template Roocky was created for people be people, we took into account all features that will make usability simple, we created a superior design with different layouts, we created it for you. Roocky Joomla! template - for you in every detail. 

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