Joomla Portfolio Template Uncover

Presentation is everything, especially for for creative artist. Your visitors must get a WOW! effect, when they come to your site, this is the road to success. It's Uncover and don't care who you are, photographer, artist or designer, this template is totally for is yours.


This template is no longer available. Look through all existing Gridbox Joomla Templates.

Uncover is a Joomla Template for portfolio with a great number of features, pages and extensions using of which will lead to the fact that your website become awesome designed and understandable. So let us to introduce all features of our latest Joomla template!

Make the face of the site unique.

Joomla portfolio template Uncover has 4 homepages for achieve every of your need. Two homepages Elegant and Illustrator are based on 6gallery, so you have a huge opportunity to customize it on your needs. You can use this home pages like a simple 6gallery, upload your works, change options and you will get a magnificent homepage.

The next homepage is a Video, their you be able to upload a video from Youtube, just insert the video id and all. The Video background is overlaying by the 6slides module and it a superior feature because you can easily upload images and make a slider working.

The last one is a Branding agency homepage, it is consist of the 6slides and 6gallery. On the top of the page it is an image and 6slides is overlaying just like in the Video homepage, and under all of it fully customizable 6gallery comes. All homepages are made in a main idea of the template and the are totally allowed you to share all your creativity immediately with the entrance on the website.

Color variations.

Like in all our templates Joomla portfolio template Uncover has 6 color schemes, so you can choose the color the will perfectly suits to your website style.

Uncover page elements.

Uncover has a superior set of page elements. With a help of page elements you can add everything you need and built an awesome portfolio website. All page elements are customize and perfectly fits to our Joomla portfolio template.

K2 blog.

Share your ideas to your fans. Uncover Joomla portfolio template use K2 blog, so your visitors will be pleased to you, because your will be very comfortable to use, categories, tags that all will make your blog superior.

6gallery portfolio.

The most important thing in a designer life is the Portfolio, for this aim we have create Uncover. After purchasing you will be able to create an awesome portfolio with various features using 6gallery. Your visitor will get a possibility to see your staff in easy way, and of course they will became your customers!

Be in touch.

Joomla portfolio template Uncover has a great contact us page. This contact us page has a map and a contact form. We have create it with a help of our free modules 6maps and 6contacts. We think it is very comfortable to see where the company locate and type a message for it.

Joomla template Uncover have made with love from Balbooa, while we were creating it we relied on the experiencing in searching for superior works presentation. So today we have made one more step on the way of creating superior products.