Joomla Elegant Template Genius

Joomla Elegant Template Genius

Say hello to a new template with elegant design, especially for modern business. Gridbox Joomla Templates has replenished with a new elegant template "Genius".


This template is no longer available. Look through all existing Gridbox Joomla Templates.

"Genius" was developed for people that are worried about their style, what emotions would people feel if they reach your website. Joomla elegant template "Genius" was made in pastel colors, every button, every pixel of it - is soft, like a small cloud or sheep, I really want to touch this template!

Awesome font.

The first thing you will pay attention to - is a Font. We have spent much time on searching for the best font, that would reflect all elegant style of "Genius" template. We have chosen "Raleway", but our designer always says "Just look at it from another angle", and we just expand letter spacing, a little. Despite of little changes this font will look brilliant for all type of websites, unless of course you want to create the best website.

Different homepages.

Find the best solution for you! "Genius" has 4 preinstalled homepages with a huge styled capabilities. You can choose wide or boxed website styles, depends on your taste, in addition in boxed website style you can set the additional background and achieve the superior displaying. Especially for creative artist we have created Portfolio homepage, where you can add your works or images with a help of which you want to conquer the visitor from the first page.

And the last homepage is Classic. Classic homepage was made for those who like restrained style, without modern design features, "Restraint and elegance" - is a slogan for such people. All homepage except Portfolio includes 6slides Joomla slideshow module, with easy to use admin area and drag and drop function.

6 colors.

Joomla elegant template "Genius" has 6 tender colors. Choose the one that is best suits for your style. After choosing all buttons and hover items will change the color to the one you have chosen.

Page elements.

Large set of page elements, icons, buttons, accordions, toggles and much more. All this is customized especially for elegant design of Joomla template "Genius". You can use it on every page you want, no cares, all page elements will looks beautiful everywhere!

Superior portfolio.

Create a beautiful stylish portfolio with 6gallery Joomla image gallery. Elegant design of 6gallery in Joomla template "Genius" creates the impression of unity of content and images. Categories in boxes, image hover effects all this look soft and attractive. Easy to use custom admin area Aurum will help you to add your images and set the categories in a second.

Share your thoughts.

"Genius" Joomla elegant template has a section for your thoughts implementation. This section is powered by K2. With K2 you will get an awesome structured blog with categories and tag cloud, and your visitor will easily find all needed articles.

The best latest news.

In "Genius" Joomla elegant template we first time use "6news" Joomla latest news module. This module gives you an ability to show latest news from your blog right on the homepage. In "6news" you can choose from where you want to share the news, from Joomla articles or K2 blog, also you can set the size of images, hover effects and much more.