Joomla Corporate Template Roocky

The next superior update for Joomla Template Roocky is coming now. Are you ready? Okay...let’s go!


This template is no longer available. Look through all existing Gridbox Joomla Templates.

We are not forgetting about corporate clients, and today we are releasing new superior layout for Roocky Joomla! template - Corporate Layout. We'd like to add that we can with certainty called it Joomla Corporate template Roocky, because all changes that we have added will prove that it is new template!

To show your recent work more understandable we have replaced 6gallery to 6slides module in the middle of the page. The same slideshow module is using for showing “Our clients”. Page elemets like accordions has been added to home page, but we removed pricing tables. We think that way of showing information will suits awesome to all corporate websites.Now you can see all this on the demo of Joomla corporate template Roocky.

Like our new "Corporate" layout of Roocky Joomla template. And also have a look at our other Joomla templates