Joomla Business Template Gravex

Gravex is a Gridbox Joomla Template that has powerful multi-purpose potential. Gravex was created with an idea to inaugurate a new, completely different way of website creation. Peculiar minimalistic design together with various enchanting visual effects and different opportunities of content displaying, like choice in homepage styles - making Gravex tasty morsel for Joomla business website developers.


This template is no longer available. Look through all existing Gridbox Joomla Templates.

Create unsurpassed portfolios.

Describe your product in the most catchy way. Create attractive portfolios with images, videos and description. Your customer need to know all aspects of your product so give him pictures, live using of your product and text description with aspects that was not mentioned in media part. Get the best look with various layouts, hover effects, style options and much more. All this capabilities in our Joomla business template are powered by 6gallery, a powerful and simple portfolio creator tool.

Joomla business template Gravex

Share your ideas. Write a blog!

Blog is a place where you can share your ideas and apply to your customers. The ease of use and customize is an essential feature for this section. That is why we choose K2 for our Joomla business template. Simple adding, easy customizing and powerful articles management, K2 extension is giving all opportunities in your hands. Your blog section, built with Gravex Business template for Joomla, will be well structured due to powerful categories and tags dividing, as for information, it will be easy to accessible.

Joomla business template Gravex

Sell products, build a shop.

How to make a business website without shop? Gravex gives you incredibly mighty extension for shop creating. It’s name Hikashop. Hikashop in our Joomla business template is completely easy to use and rich tool for creating big online shops. Due to it’s various functionality power you can easily create a product, add images, categories, color options, delivery and many other useful options and fields. One more thing which make Hikashop the rich - efficient product and statistics management system. Get exact information on purchase date, number of orders and make conclusion on your month work.

Joomla business template Gravex

More elements - More power.

Besides beautiful custom designed preinstalled pages of our Joomla business template, you get a vast number of elements to customize existing pages and create new one. This elements are:

  • Accordions and toggle - list that are opened with cool effect of downsliding;
  • Buttons - buy, register, submit, log in...insert words and links, get ready buttons for inserting them in any place on your website;
  • Call To Action - direct users in the way you need. Call to actions are like a trap for users, paste them on right pages only;
  • Counters - impress your users and show how big your experience is;
  • Fontawesome icons - there are places where words are useless, just paste charming icons and describe your idea;
  • Icon combinations - ready combinations of elements, you can customize them with icons above and words;
  • Lists - simple lists to count the advantages to choose your company;
  • Pricing Tables - user need to be informed with website prices. It’s better it can be done with Gravex pricing tables.

You can think that building website for your business is too complicated, but with opportunities that Gravex is giving to you this task becoming the easiest than ever. Our recent template Gravex has expanded the website business category, where you can also find business Joomla template Passage. Try the demo and find advantages of using Gravex directly for your business.