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When the iOs 7 has come to the world, all designers, all developers, inspired by Apple products, chased each other to be the first who would create his product following iOs 7 idea of design. Some designers didn't go in the wake of fashion and continued to adhere to their own idea, but with some superior elements from iOs 7. We have gone the same way, inspired by iOs 7, and kept our view on web design we have created the best Joomla App template of those that are now on the Joomla market. 

Air is designed for cozy companies that are selling applications. Yes, Air is a Joomla template with a superior design and a big number of possibilities, so take your seats we want to show the next product from Balbooa Joomla templates developer.

Air Pages

Joomla App Template Air has a big number of pages which are designed by Balbooa with love. All pages are made with a help of standard developer tools and with custom products like our Joomla modules and custom-developed elements, like Air icons.

Choose Your Style

Our Joomla App template has various layout styles. You can choose the wide layout, boxed layout and video background layout. With any layout, you will impress your visitors and make them be interested in your website.

Showcase Your Work

The presentation of the product is the same important thing as development. With 6sides and 6gallery, in our Joomla App Template, your head and shoulders above competitors. Show your applications in 6gallery with awesome category dividing, animation effects, and hower effects or 6slides with superior touch function, autoplay, and a great number of features.

Color is Power

Surprise customers with awesome colors. All our Joomla! templates have a various number of colors, Joomla App Template Air has 6 superior colors: light blue, pink, blue, yellow, green, orange, even iOs 7 can envy the color depth.

Air Elements

Our Joomla App Template has superior developed page elements: accordions and toggles, buttons, call to action, lists. But there are some elements that we have developed with huge love, Air icons, and Pricing tables. 

Air icons are custom-developed flat icons, especially for Joomla App Template Air. We have put a lot of effort into these icons and we are proud of them. You can use these icons just like Font Awesome icons there no difference between using them.

Show your prices with Air pricing tables! Who cares what price will you set when you have so superior Pricing tables. We are confident that with our Pricing tables your applications will be sold like hotcakes. Our Joomla App Template can present not only your applications but your prices too. 

Contact Form

Joomla App template Air Contact us page is a magnificent work, it is so light and minimalistic that all iOs 7 and flat designers will weep with envy. A combination of Air icons and awesome fonts make this page pleasant and comfortable.

Team Page

Every person in your team will be happy if you show them on your site, maybe because of this, they will make their work with a great desire. Due to this section in our Joomla App Template, you will build a great team and create beautiful, useful products.

This is Joomla template Air for app developers, we know that after reading this article will want to buy it, see the demo first to see all features in action, and make your application's presentation much more delightful. 

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