Harbor Gridbox Theme and Joomla Quickstart

Joomla Template Harbor

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Start your new project with beautiful and modern Joomla Template Harbor! A creative and clean layout with beautiful backgrounds allows you to build a site that stands out from the crowd.

Harbor Gridbox Theme and Joomla Quickstart

Harbor based on Joomla website builder Gridbox. That means you can in few simple clicks customize the Harbor theme to your needs. Change backgrounds, fonts, blocks... everything! using Drag and Drop in real-time directly from your browser. What you see is what you get!

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Template Features

Harbor template quickstart package, comes with Gridbox Pages and with additional Joomla Pages plus Default Joomla Blog which includes our components Joomla Forms and Joomla Gallery.​

  • Built on Gridbox Joomla website builder
  • 100% Fully responsive
  • Support browsing via by all major browsers
  • Simple to edit
  • Built­in Gallery powerful image Gallery extension
  • Built­in drag and drop form builder Forms
Blog and Booking Form in Joomla Template Harbor

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