A Stunning Multipurpose Joomla Template Nook

A Stunning Multipurpose Joomla Template Nook

If you have doubts which Joomla template to use for your upcoming website, and if your aim is building a masterpiece website, Balbooa do have the ideal answer for both. It is "Nook". Because we have been quiet for a couple of months, you may have wondered what we were up to. Finally, we are ready to announce what we have worked hard to empower you with, it is "Nook", a magnificently stylish, astonishingly flexible and multipurpose Joomla template to satisfy the taste and requirements of Joomla experts and starters without compromise. Today, "Nook", the next in our Joomla templates list, will finally see the light


This template is no longer available. Look through all existing Gridbox Joomla Templates.

A choice for every purpose.

"Nook" is a remarkably sophisticated, yet superbly easy and lighter than ever Joomla template, with splendid wide range of distinctive options and alternative variations, all allowing for a comprehensive customization of the template with an unmatched ease and speed. The features of "Nook" combine a number of features of its older Joomla sister templates in addition to a wide range of freshly introduced ones, all packaged for your immediate use and optimum utilization. These wide range of built-in alternative features make "Nook" a true multipurpose Joomla template fulfilling the needs and requirements of every taste and all business types and styles.

Amazing blogging opportunities.

Those who are into massive blogging pay attention to our multipurpose Joomla template, it is delivered with a built-in K2 powerful content extension.

The amazingly awesome design of our K2 items, categories, tags shall very well indeed make your blog stand out with power and glamour. Further, all K2 tools are available to help you in order to achieve real great results in composing articles and sharing them with the crowd out there. That is giving you a great possibilities to use Nook as a Joomla blog template, in addition it has a special homepage for that.

E-commerce engine.

With the addition of "Hikashop" as an integral part of our multipurpose Joomla template "Nook", a magnificently functional e-commerce engine has been created within a uniquely awesome and fashionably grand web environment.

Hikashop from within "Nook" shall certainly make your life much easier in addition to certainly providing you with all the necessary tools to perform your online business with greater confidence and ease of use.

Powerful portfolio builder.

Our multipurpose Joomla template is further empowered with a built-in"6Gallery" powerful Joomla image gallery extension, both as a gallery component of the template or as an awesome front page that could be manipulated with a variety of functional layouts.

"6Gallery" is a uniquely easy to use, fully customizable, superbly powerful image gallery empowered with advanced sorting capabilities, a number of unique and awesome layouts in addition to outstanding special effects.

We suggest ignoring all of the above promo words material and just discover the powers of "Nook" Joomla template by your own.

Finally, you and your satisfaction are our top priority without compromise, we always create our products with you, above all, in our minds. The whole “team of six” behind the Balbooa legacy are there available to support you. If you are not convinced about our support, just ask our clients through our blog, we are sure you will never find an unsatisfied client or hear a negative story of past support request that is never fully attended to or remarkably resolved.

For us and for you, "Nook" in its just announced magnificent and powerful outfit is just another step toward its ultimate perfection, the huge kit of features of "Nook" shall grow even more and increase along time in addition to becoming astonishingly more powerful with future frequent updates. Every client who have purchased multipurpose Joomla template "Nook" shall be entitled to get all future updates. Furthermore, applying our updates to currently customized sites is just as easy a mission and superbly fast like a breeze.