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Introducing XML Sitemap

We are continuing with SEO improvements for Joomla website builder Gridbox. Last week, we released Canonical URLs, and in today's update, we want to present you a new awesome feature - XML Sitemap Generator for Gridbox 2.6.9.

XML Sitemap Generator For Joomla Website Builder Gridbox Released!

Generating Sitemap is one of the basic steps in an SEO campaign for any website.

What is a Site Map? The sitemap is a .xml file with a list of all pages (links to pages) on your site which helps search engines crawl site pages.

Why should I use Sitemap? For Faster and better website indexation! Search engines will find fresh added pages much faster.

By the way, each link inside the sitemap includes information about latest page modification, page importance (priority) relative to other pages on site and information about how often each page is updated.

Sitemap Generator

Today we are presenting a built-in Gridbox sitemap generator, which automatically adding, deleting and updating links inside the sitemap.xml file.

Forget about manual generating sitemap for your Joomla site using 3rd party services. Now you don't need each time to re-generate your sitemap after adding, deleting or updating pages at your site.

Enabling XML Sitemap

The sitemap tool can find near the Canonical URLs option, in the Site Settings panel ➝ General ➝ SEO ➝ Sitemap.

Enabling XML Sitemap in Joomla Website Builder Gridbox

Basic Sitemap Configuration

Site Domain

since the links inside the sitemap should be absolute, you need to enter the website domain.

Regenerate Sitemap

the feature allows you to manually update your sitemap.xml file.

Auto Update

the feature allows you to enable and set how frequency automatically updates your sitemap. You can select from - Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Never.

Pages Included in Sitemap

The Gridbox sitemap generator automatically includes all menu items links and all Gridbox items: single pages, сategories and posts, tags and author pages.

Unpublished or (and) items with a not "Public" access permissions, wouldn’t be added to the sitemap.xml file.

Exclude, Changefreq and Priority

Previously we have noted, that each link has information about the date of the last modification (lastmod), how often each page is updated (changefreq) and page priority (priority).

Page Changefreq and Priority - Joomla Website Builder Gridbox

By default, for all links(items) will be added changefreq - monthly, priority - 0,5. You can set own changefreq and priority in the item settings panel, tab SEO ➝ Sitemap.

If by any reason you need to exclude an item from the sitemap.xml file, just disable an option “Include Item”.


Here is a list of simple recommendations, which you need to follow. Search engines will love to crawl your site.

  • Set 301 redirect from non-www to www, or vice versa. The website shouldn’t be available from www and non-www
  • Enable SSL and set a redirect from HTTP to HTTPS
  • Enable Search Engine Friendly URLs in Joomla Global Configurations
  • Remove index.php from URLs by enabling URL Rewriting in Joomla Global Configurations and renaming htaccess.txt to .htaccess in your Joomla root folder
  • Enable Gridbox Canonical URLs
  • Update and submit your sitemap to search engines.


Sitemap.xml is an important tool that allows Search Engines faster and better crawl your site. But, does it affect on page ranking at search results? No! Same as Canonical URLs it’s a nice and important addition to your website SEO.

Gridbox is more than just a page builder! Such additional tools like a Gridbox Performance, Canonical URLs and today's released Sitemap generator boost up Gridbox to the next level. Enjoy!


2.6.9 — 24.04.2019

  • Gridbox XML sitemap generator
  • Quality for "Adaptive Images"
  • Issue with selecting picture in the post
  • Issues with Firefox (OS Microsoft Windows)
  • Issue with a Lazy Load and Content Slider plugin

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