Work Like a Pro With Gridbox 2.14.1

Work Like a Pro With Gridbox 2.14.1

Do you want to build websites like a pro with the Joomla website builder Gridbox?! Then meet the new rules of the game in the Gridbox Editor. We came up with the idea to change the approach to the work in the Gridbox Editor so that you can get even more benefits. The whole point is that there are methods of working much faster than drag and drop. Don't believe? Well, then read the blog post to the end.

Hotkeys. Easily Trigger an Action

Surely you know that Gridbox has Keyboard Shortcuts. But do you use this awesome trick?! Either way, we are sure that after today's update, you will start using them.

Hotkeys or keyboard shortcuts, call them whatever you want, their purpose does not change from the name. The primary purpose of shortcut keys in Gridbox is to allow you to work faster and more efficiently to save you time and increase your productivity. And today, we want to introduce you to new keyboard shortcuts that will make working with Gridbox even faster and more precise.

Cut. Just Press Ctrl/Cmd + X

Do you need to drag an item from the top of the page to the bottom? This is easy to do with drag and drop. But what if your page is so long that you get tired of scrolling down? That's right, you can use Page Structure. Do you want a life hack even cooler?! Sure! So, click on the element to make it active, and then simply cut the element using the keyboard shortcuts Ctrl/Cmd + X and paste it in the required place. Yes, exactly an element, not just text, absolutely any element (plugin, row, column, section). No way, you say. In Gridbox, even this is possible!

Cut/paste might seem like nothing special, but this option changes the game rules. Yes, this option does not substitute drag and drop, but it’s a good, fast and accurate alternative. Check this out!

Copy. Just Press Ctrl/Cmd + C

It's no secret that you can copy an item through the right-click in the Gridbox. Do you know about the existence of the right click in the Gridbox? In any case, now you know. But that's not the point right now. After all, the copying process has become even faster. All you have to do to copy an item is hold down the keyboard shortcuts Ctrl/Cmd + C. Yes, just like that, you can easily copy entire columns and even sections.

Copy Style. Just Press Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + C

How often do you change element styles when developing a new site? Surely not once. We have made this process easy. Now, to assign the styles of one item to another, just copy the style with the keyboard shortcut Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + C and then press Ctrl/Cmd + V. Now, you can try it out for yourself.

Delete. Just Press Del or Fn + Delete

Want to remove an item quickly? Easy peasy. Click on an element to make it active, and press the Delete button. Magic? No, the ingenious ease of use of Gridbox!

Boost Your Productivity with New Workspace

The workspace and the location of the editing elements play an important role in the productivity and speed of creating sites. For a long time, we've been thinking about implementing an alternative way to work in the Editor. Ladies and gentlemen, today we want to introduce new layouts for the item settings panel in the Gridbox Editor.

It's not just a new design. That's a new concept for working in the Gridbox Editor. With the new settings layouts, your productivity will increase several times.

Enabling New Options Panel Layout

After updating to version 2.14.1, you will find a new icon in the header of the Options Panel. Click on it and you can choose one of the available layouts: Separate Window and Panel to Right.

The Separate Window is a classic layout that we're all used to. Panel to Right is a new layout that has been created to increase your productivity.

Click to Start Editing

The most significant advantage of a side layout over the classic one is the opening of element options by simply clicking on them.

There is no need to look for the element edit icon or use right-click. Just click and edit.

All Options Are Visible

The second advantage of using sidebars is the height because the panel height corresponds to the height of your screen.

You no longer need to scroll or resize the panel to view the available options for an element. Now, all the settings are right in front of you.

Configure Your Workspace in Gridbox

By choosing side positions, Gridbox will remember your choice, and the next time you visit the Editor, the panels will be in the set positions.

We also want to add that the location of the Page Structure in Gridbox 2.14.1 is also preserved. In our opinion, the most productive Gridbox workspace looks like this:

The Page Structure is on the left, and the Options Panel is on the right. We wanted to make the above workspace by default for absolutely everyone. But given that the classic panel has been in Gridbox since the first version, we decided not to go on such adventures.

Do you think we should make this workspace as a default layout? Write in the comments below.


Gridbox growth is the best dopamine for us, and we don't plan to stop. We do our best to make your Gridbox experience groovy and enjoyable. Use new features, and you increase your working levels by ten times. Gridbox Hotkeys will reduce the time spent dragging and dropping items, thereby increasing the productivity and efficiency of your work. And the new plugin settings panel will save you from unnecessary clicks. In general, try out, form a habit and cheat!


v.2.14.1 - 09/02/2023

  • Added: Options panel layouts;
  • Added: New keyboard shortcuts.