Wedding One Page Gridbox Theme

Wedding One Page Gridbox Theme

Wedding is the most important day in our life! Today we want to present you the new theme for Joomla Page Builder Gridbox - Wedding. Wedding theme will perfectly suit for Weddings, Celebration and Events.

Wedding theme for Joomla Page Builder Gridbox it's a first One Page Joomla Template in our collection. Very light and soft colors are ideal for creating a wedding website on Joomla! CMS and Gridbox.

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Gridbox is the perfect platform for someone looking to create a beautiful looking and functional wedding website. To change the theme for your needs you do not need to be a genius in programming. Gridbox is a 100% frontend live builder.

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Wedding theme includes everything you need for a perfect wedding site: Slideshow, RCVP Forms, Google Maps, Photos, Videos, Video Backgrounds.

And of course Gridbox theme Wedding is responsive and looks perfectly on all screen sizes and devices.

Wedding is a First Gridbox Theme which include Forms! So, before importing Wedding Theme, install component Forms. All used forms in Wedding theme will be also imported to your Joomla website. This feature was added into latest Gridbox version - 1.2.4