Website and Mobile Navigation Improvements

Navigation Improvements

We present to you an awesome update for the Joomla website builder Gridbox. In Gridbox 2.12.15, you'll find improvements in the Menu plugin, improvements in search algorithms of the Search and Store Search plugins, and the ability to embed YouTube videos without cookies. And, of course, we fixed all known bugs. So, let's make your sites even more mind-blowing!

Website and Mobile Navigation Improvements for Gridbox

Navigation Improvements

Website navigation is a strategic element in the UX of any website. The ease of navigation determines how quickly and easily a user can make a conversion. Therefore, based on your suggestions, we decided to improve our existing Menu plugin.

Collapsible Submenu

How to make a collapsible submenu? — One of the most frequently asked questions about vertical navigation in Gridbox.

Collapsible Submenu - Joomla Website Builder Gridbox

During this time, our technical support kindly provides custom CSS code as a simple solution. Due to the frequency of the request, we decided to add this functionality to the Gridbox.

In Gridbox 2.12.15, by selecting a vertical layout, you can set the submenu type: classic Dropdown or Collapsible.

Submenu Type in Vertical Menu Layout - Joomla Website Builder Gridbox

Mobile Navigation

Moving on to the headliner of today's update — mobile navigation improvements. The Joomla website builder Gridbox 2.12.15 comes with several new mobile menu options to help make your mobile menu customization more flexible.

Change Mobile Menu Icon

In the icon settings of opening/closing the mobile menu, you'll find 2 new options: the ability to choose your icon and set the size.

Setting the Icon Size - Joomla Website Builder Gridbox

Once again, we want to remind you that Gridbox allows you to upload your own icons to the Icon Library. How to do this, you will find in our documentation:

Change Mobile Menu Width

The next feature that will appear after the update is the ability to set the width of the mobile menu.

Change Mobile Menu Width - Joomla Website Builder Gridbox

Additional Design Settings

The ability to replace icons and set the width of the mobile menu is not all that awaits you in this update. Also, you can set shadows, paddings, and colors with transparency for the background.

Additional Design Settings in Mobile Menu - Joomla Website Builder Gridbox

Search Algorithm Improvements

Our last Gridbox update focused on improvements for Search and Store Search plugins. We have received reports from our customers that the search displays not enough correct results.

We decided to analyze in more detail the algorithm of search engine sites. Ultimately, we got first-class results. We made a comparison with the standard Joomla Smart Search.

Embed YouTube Without Cookies

As we all know, YouTube has used a tracking cookie to personalize the viewing experience. This causes some complications to General Data Protection Regulation compliance.

As a result, YouTube has introduced the ability to integrate videos in enhanced privacy mode. This feature disables YouTube tracking cookies and makes the embedded video GDPR compliant.

In the video plugin, if YouTube is the source of the video, you'll find a new “Privacy-enhanced mode” option.

Privacy-Enhanced Mode in YouTube - Joomla Website Builder Gridbox

When the feature is enabled, the code automatically adds the “no cookie” to the domain name removing all YouTube cookies.


As you may have noticed, our last two updates come with Gridbox functionality improvements. At this time, we are focused on the implementation of your advice and proposals. Step by step, we'll go through a huge list of different suggestions and implement some of them. Let’s Rock! Let’s Develop!


2.12.15 — 28.07.2022

  • Collapsible submenu for vertical navigation
  • Ability to change open/close icons for mobile menu
  • Ability to set the size of open/close icons for mobile menu
  • Ability to set width, shadow, padding, and background overlay for mobile menu
  • Privacy-enhanced mode for Gridbox plugin Video
  • Replacing category title by search query within displaying search results in the category list
  • Field “Intro” to Product CSV Import/Export
  • Unique publishing date and time for each product within CSV Importing
  • Unique publishing date and time for each Gridbox item within duplication
  • Support of latest Google Login API for Gridbox apps Comments and Reviews
  • Issue with selecting apps in the plugins Search and Store Search
  • Button “Display all search results” in plugins Search and Store Search
  • Issue with displaying 404 page in Zero App
  • Reset style for the plugin Overlay Section
  • Issue with copy/pasting the plugin Overlay Section
  • Issue with copy/pasting the plugin Hotspot
  • Issue with product stock quantity within deleting a product from order
  • Purchasing products with stock quantity null
  • Issue with admin email notification “Out of Stock”
  • Issue with deleting Apps in the admin panel
  • Issue with ungrouping Apps in the admin panel for Firefox browser
  • Style issues with a plugin Feature box on mobile devices
  • Style issues with a plugin Post Navigation
  • Style issue with a category list in the admin panel
  • Style issue with a scroll in the plugin Custom HTML
  • Removing controls for Vimeo as background video
  • Issue with adding a class suffix to the Coming Soon page

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