Tourbird — Travel and Tour Booking Joomla Theme

Tourbird. Tour Booking Theme

We continue to show you the amazing capabilities of the Gridbox Joomla Booking System. To demonstrate the functionality, we have developed another theme for you. This time we designed a theme for travel tours that is ideal for travel agencies and companies. Meet the tour booking theme for Joomla — Tourbird.

Tourbird — Travel and Tour Booking Joomla Theme

Modern design, bold solutions and powerful functionality — all this makes Tourbird a real hero among Joomla tour booking themes. We have created this tour booking theme to provide you with the ability to easily manage your tour business, attracting more clients and increasing your income. With Tourbird, you get the tools to create a unique online experience where every customer will find the perfect trip. Fasten your seat belts — we're taking off!

Homepage. Your Gateway to Adventure

The Home page of the tour booking Joomla theme Tourbird is your showcase of the adventures and opportunities of your travel company. Here we have combined many plugins with unique features so that you can provide your clients with a unique and exciting user experience.

Home Page — Travel and Tour Booking Joomla Theme


We use the Slideshow plugin to showcase your agency's most exciting tours, impressing visitors at first glance and leaving them dreaming of new adventures.

Content Filters

Using Content Filters, customers can immediately make a choice and find the perfect tour that matches their wishes and interests.


We provide the Tags plugin to quickly navigate to the most relevant tours, ensuring maximum search efficiency.


The popular destinations carousel allows customers to choose their next adventure destination from the most popular and interesting places.


We've added a Categories plugin to allow site visitors to explore different destinations across continents and choose their next trip.


On the Home page, you will find Overlay with the most atmospheric video. After watching this video, a site visitor will not remain indifferent and book a tour immediately.

Recent Posts

With the Recent Posts plugin, we highlight recent blog posts to give site visitors even more information and inspiration for their next adventure.

In tour booking Joomla theme Tourbird, we paid special attention to site navigation. We created a sticky header and a multifunctional footer. The footer contains all the main pages, allowing customers to quickly find the needed information. A subscription form created using Balbooa Joomla Forms will help you retain your regular customers and attract new ones. Links to social networks and an active phone number will ensure instant communication with you at any time.

Tours and Travel Page

An unforgettable adventure begins here on the Tours and Travel page. Your clients will be able to immerse themselves in a world of adventure and incredible experiences. Here, each continent is presented in a separate category to ensure maximum convenience when searching and choosing your dream tour.

Tours and Travel Page - Booking Joomla Theme Tourbird

Filter Tours

This page adds a Content Filters plugin that allows site visitors to sort tours based on various criteria: date, price, adventure style and duration. Such extensive filtering will help your clients quickly find the ideal tour.

Tags for Quick Navigation

We provide tags for quick navigation by topic and features of travel tours. Just click on a tag to see all assigned tours.

Reviews App

Thanks to the Gridbox Reviews App, site visitors can be confident in the quality of the chosen tour. Customers can rate tours and leave reviews, which will help others make the right choice.

Post Slider

For convenient viewing of available tours, we have added the Post Slider plugin, which allows you to smoothly scroll through and view all offers.

Tour Page Layout

On the Tour Page Layout, your clients will find everything they need to make their next trip unforgettable. We have done our best to make filling out information about each tour as easy as possible. Custom fields make it easy to fill in all the necessary data to present your tour in the best light.

On the page, you will find a Simple Gallery field that displays photos of your tour. This will help customers understand what they can expect from their trip.

We added the Currency Switcher plugin, which provides the ability to select the display of prices in the desired currency. This will ensure maximum comfort for your customers around the world.

The sticky column contains the Add to Cart plugin. Add the selected tour to your cart in just one click. It's quick for those who have already made a booking decision.

Tour Page Layout - Travel and Tour Booking Joomla Theme


Company is a place where your customers can learn more about your business.

Our Offices

Our Offices is a page of tour booking Joomla theme Tourbird that provides agency addresses and all the necessary contact information. We have designed this page in an unusual way, using an interactive map with pins displaying the location of each office. Your customers can easily find the office closest to them and contact you for more information or to book their next trip.

Terms and Conditions

On the Terms and Conditions page, you can clearly define the terms of use of your site and the provision of your services. On the Privacy Policy page, describe in detail how you collect, use and protect your users' personal information.

Travel Magazine

The tour Joomla booking theme Tourbird allows you to create your own digital travel magazine using the Blogging App. Here you can share exciting and inspiring stories of travel, excursions and adventures around the world. 

Gridbox Blogging App is a great tool for creating different content, from travel guides and tips to hotel reports and tour reviews. Each blog post can be categorized and equipped with multiple tags to provide easy navigation for your readers.

We have added a sticky column to keep the latest news always visible. This allows your site visitors to stay up to date with the latest news and be inspired by new travels and adventures.

Travel Magazine - Travel and Tour Booking Joomla Theme

Blog Post Layout

Travel and tour booking Joomla theme Tourbird will make the experience of reading your blog posts interesting and informative because it contains many convenient functions. The blog post layout contains many information while remaining spacious and airy. 

The Recent Posts plugin has been added to the layout so that you can select the best articles to interest your customers. To make it easier to find information, we have organized blog posts into categories and assigned many tags. This will allow your customers to quickly find materials by topic. Also, here you will find a Progress Bar that will show the amount of material read.

Strive for dialogue with your clients. We have added the Comment System so your clients can share their thoughts, impressions, and questions about each blog post. In addition, your customers have the opportunity to subscribe to the newsletter so they don't miss a new blog post. Your subscribers will be the first to know about the most exciting travels, useful tips and interesting adventure reports.

Blog Post Layout - Travel and Tour Booking Joomla Theme

Login Form

We always strive to make your experience using our themes as convenient and efficient as possible. The Joomla tour booking theme Tourbird is the first Gridbox theme to which we have added a convenient login form. This great solution will help your users log into your site quickly and securely. Whether you offer personalized tours or specialize in mass tourism, a login form will be an indispensable tool for interacting with your customers. It will ensure data security and create a personal experience for each customer.

Login Form - Travel and Tour Booking Joomla Theme

Gridbox Booking System is flexible and multifunctional. With our Booking System you can create a unique and individual site for your business. Using the custom fields provided by our app, you can create and customize various aspects of your site the way you need. It doesn’t matter if it’s booking tours, renting real estate, or something else – you can easily customize the Gridbox Booking System to suit your needs and preferences. Give freedom to your ideas. With Gridbox you can bring almost any idea for your business to life!

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