The Ultimate Page Builder is Here! Gridbox is Launched!

Website Builder Gridbox Released

Ladies and Gentlemen! We are happy to announce to you that Gridbox is launched! Emotions overwhelm us, we want to whoop to all outdoors and to share our joy with all the fans of Joomla CMS.

    Gridbox is Launched - Website Builder for Joomla

    Joomla website builder Gridbox is justly considered as our most flexible and powerful component, and we are incredibly proud of him!

      Gridbox is not just an ordinary Joomla component, it's a new philosophy, a new attitude on how to create websites on Joomla CMS.

      It's a revolution, Gentlemen, it has no equals! The core features of Gridbox you can check out here: Joomla Page Builder Gridbox. Once you test Gridbox, you’ll fall in love with it forever, as happens to those who had a chance to create the first Gridbox pages. Try to build your first page on our demo site right now, believe, you'll be very surprised!

      Customers of the Gridbox PRO version will have access to Gridbox themes. What it's Gridbox themes?! In general, it can be compared with the classic Joomla Template Quickstart Package. But! To upload Gridbox theme, it's enough to click the button "Upload Theme" in the Gridbox admin panel, that's all! Pages with Images and global settings of the theme will import to your website. It's very cool and easy! How the process of uploading realizes, you can see in the video below.


        In spite of the fact, that we have created simple and intuitive to use Gridbox, we have created very large documentation, wherein we just considered all that is possible. Documentation keeps 33 points and 18 videos. This is the biggest documentation we’ve ever created.

          What's Next?

          We are planning to create new themes and plugins for Gridbox, to make Gridbox powerful and ready to meet any challenges.

          We are also very thankful to our customers, they are actively involved in the testing of the Gridbox Beta version. Your wonderful comments about Gridbox suggested that we are working in the right direction, Thank You!

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