The Gridbox Joomla Page Builder is Coming Soon

Website Builder is Coming

After we finished with the elaboration of our gallery, we planned to create a Joomla Template Framework. But at one point we haven't been enthused this idea, because we wanted to start up something conceptually new and interesting. We wanted to work with that one we could be really proud of, that would make a feeling of admiration.

    Gridbox Joomla Page Builder is Coming Soon

    So Ladies and Gentlemen, with epic pride we want to share with you some of our secrets, here comes website builder Gridbox.

    Generally speaking, Gridbox is a page builder, but at the same time, Gridbox offers all functions that are important and that change the surface appearance of the whole template, not only one page. That's why, it's more correct to say that Gridbox is something more than just a page builder, Gridbox is a toolkit for site-building on Joomla CMS.

    If we were at a class of macroeconomic it could be said that Gridbox is a set of page builder and template framework tools, allows to build a site. But if we were at a class of philosophy it could be said that Gridbox is a new look and vision on how to build sites on Joomla CMS. 

      Building Websites

      One of the most unique features that Gridbox is a 100% frontend website builder. Imagine that the process of site-building realizes at the frontend. You haven't to spend time to be stored and verify your results. Forget about it, all that you build will be 100% the same as in the editor.

      As a result, you save time and reduce the process of site building, with Gridbox it becomes easier and easier and seems like construction kits. All this process is handy and simple.

        Joomla Website Builder Gridbox Options

        So sure enough, the process of page building creates with the ability to drag and drop, similar to our Joomla extensions Gallery and Forms.

        Another great particularity is the possibility to customize. Every element of the page: Header, Body, Section, Row, Column, Plugin, Font, Footer, etc., have a lot of options, that allow you to realize any changes to the setup panel, without using CSS or HTML. Changes in the surface appearance of the site’s elements pass so easily, even when it seems impossible.


          It’ll be very soon, and now we are at the final step! We can say with certainty that the main part of Gridbox is already done. In the next two weeks, we plan to start up open testing, where you can take part! That's why to keep an eye on our news and don't forget to leave your comments, we really wanted to know your opinion.

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