Testimonials Slider for Joomla Website Builder Gridbox

Testimonials Slider Plugin

In today's blog post, we are happy to bring to your attention a plugin that will help to establish the trust of website visitors to your brand. Meet the Joomla website builder Gridbox 2.6.4 with an attractive and flexible Testimonials Slider Plugin!

Testimonials Slider For Joomla Website Builder Gridbox

The best advertising of a brand, product, business or website is satisfied customers. Therefore, Joomla reviews are a great tool for attracting potential customers. This phenomenon is called social proof, which can be an Effective Tool for Promoting Your Brand. To properly use this tool you need to beautifully demonstrate the successful experience of customers interacts with your product. The Joomla Website builder Gridbox allows fast and stylishly design the customer reviews with Testimonials Slider Plugin.

Gridbox Testimonials Slider

The Gridbox Testimonials Slider is an easy to use plugin. With the Testimonials Slider, you can display customers feedback in the form of an easily customizable slider and add anywhere on the page.

Gridbox Testimonials Slider for Joomla website contains information about the author and the testimonial itself directly. In the information about the author, you can add an profile picture, name, a caption in which you can write the type of author activity or profession.

Testimonial Layouts

The Testimonials Slider plugin has 6 clean and beautiful pre-installed layouts. Pre-installed layouts will greatly speed up the process of adding and setting reviews on your website.

Testimonial Style 1 - Testimonials Slider For Joomla Page Builder
Testimonial Style 2 - Testimonials Slider For Joomla Page Builder
Testimonial Style 3 - Testimonials Slider For Joomla Page Builder
Testimonial Style 4 - Testimonials Slider For Joomla Page Builder
Testimonial Style 5 - Testimonials Slider For Joomla Page Builder
Testimonial Style 6 - Testimonials Slider For Joomla Page Builder

Simply select the most suitable layout and customize it using a wide range of settings.

Design Settings

The design settings of testimonial slider for Joomla Website builder Gridbox is very flexible. You can customize the style of the image, name, caption, icon, arrows and dots. Using design settings, you can easily stylize the Gridbox Testimonial slider in the same style as your website.

The Gridbox Testimonials Slider plugin is fully responsive and it will looks perfectly on any mobile device. Simply switch to the Gridbox mobile editor and customize the look of the Testimonials Slider for each device.

The New Breakpoints

If you have experience building a site with a full-width layout, you know how difficult to make it looks perfectly on Desktops and Laptops at the same time. In order to provide more flexibility and a better preview of your website, we have added a new breakpoint for laptops.

The New Breakpoint for Laptops - Joomla Page Builder Gridbox

The default value of the @media query for laptops is 1200px. The value can be changed in the Site Settings ➝ Layout ➝ Breakpoints. Enjoy!


The Gridbox Testimonials Slider plugin is a powerful call-to-action tool. Show your potential customers that your product can be trusted. Bring up the social proof at your website using the Gridbox Testimonials Slider.


2.6.4 — 21.02.2019

  • Testimonials Slider plugin
  • New breakpoint for Laptops
  • Issue with a Gridbox plugin Countdown
  • Issues with plugins Slideset and Carousel on IOS 12.1.4
  • Issues with "Disable responsive" feature

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