Submission Page and Managing Own Items in User Accounts

Submission Page

Today we are happy to introduce a new Gridbox update that brings powerful new features to the content types builder Zero app. Gridbox 2.16.0 expands your horizons in website development. Ladies and gentlemen, it's a new level!

Submission Page and Managing Own Items in User Accounts

Let's imagine an ideal business directory site or a real estate directory. Business owners and real estate agents can create user accounts, submit an application form, and view and manage all their items within their user accounts. Sounds cool, doesn't it?

This is what await’s you in Gridbox 2.16.0. You can create a submission form, and registered users can manage their items in the account. This is a huge improvement that takes your possibilities in website building to a whole new level.

Submission Form Page

The submission form is a system page and can be found in the Gridbox system pages.

By default, the submission page comes with 3 plugins. Plugin Headline and two new system plugins - Submission form and Submit button.

As with any other Gridbox system page, the layout and design of the submission page can be configured as you need, without limits. Everything can be changed as you need without a line of code. Just take a look at the example below.

Submission Form Plugin

The heart of the submission page is the plugin Submission form. In the plugin settings, you will find the option to select an app and the ability to manage fields.

Fields are inherited from the selected app. You can change fields order and manage field visibility with a simple drag and drop.

Design settings are represented by a wide range of options that will allow you to customize the style of the form as you need.

Submit Button Plugin

The second and no less important plugin is - Submit button. The plugin allows you to submit a completed form. The Submit button plugin is very similar to the standard button plugin but with a number of differences.

In the plugin settings you will find the action on submit option: redirect or thank you message.

Thank you message

Displaying info window with custom message after submitting a form.


Automatically redirect the user to another page after form submission.

Submission Page Settings

In addition to the standard settings like title, alias, etc. the submit page has its own unique settings. You will find them in the tab Publishing.

Let’s take a look closely at brand-new options.

Submission pre-moderation

The option allows moderate added submissions before publishing them on the site.

Assign user as author

Joomla users will be automatically assigned to Gridbox authors.

Email notifications

Inform site administrators about new submissions and users about publishing their submissions.

Displaying Submission Page on Site

We have added a new menu type to display the created form on the site. To do this, you need to go to Joomla menu settings ➝ create New ➝ in Menu Item Type select Gridbox ➝ Submission Form ➝ select Page ➝ click Save.

 Managing Own Submissions

Managing own submissions becomes simple as possible. In Gridbox 2.16.0 users with successfully submitted and published items will find a new tab in their user accounts with their own submissions.

The list with all submissions and the ability to view and manage them by editing and deleting.

If the user has submissions in different apps, submissions will be displayed in multiple tabs.

Also, Gridbox authors now can manage their profile info directly from their user accounts. New options you’ll find in the My Account settings.


We are sure that you’ll find this update useful, website builder Gridbox 2.16.0 opens up new horizons for you. You can build directories where users can post, view and manage their submissions. Business directories, real state, and automotive lists, ads directories, and much more.

In combination with Gridbox memberships and subscriptions, you can build paid directories. Gridbox is more than just a page builder.

Enjoy the new features, and if you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments below. We'll be happy to help you.


2.16.0 — 11.07.2023

  • Submission Page
  • Ability to edit own items in User accounts
  • Search in the Tag Picker
  • Issue with empty "og:url" value
  • Issue with saving admin description in custom fields
  • Feature "Move to" for Gridbox items
  • Issue with loading OpenStreetMap plugin
  • Issue with a plugin Login
  • Issue with links in the plugin Feature box
  • Issue with sticky headers and fixed positioning
  • Toolbar icons in the Safari browser

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