Storefront In Gridbox Store App

Storefront in Gridbox Store App

Today we continue to explore the upcoming Gridbox Store App and want to introduce storefront pages. One of the biggest advantages of the Gridbox Store App is freedom of action! With a simple drag & drop, you can change store layouts and designs as you need. The freedom of action is waiting for you with the Gridbox Store App.

Storefront In Gridbox Store App - Joomla Website Builder Gridbox

Product Page That Sells

Want to design a product page that will sell? With Gridbox, this is even easier than it sounds. No more restrictions on creating a product page layout. With Gridbox you’re absolutely free to implement your ideas! You can create an absolutely unique Product Page because you decide where to place the product slideshow, "add to cart" button, reviews, and comments. With the Gridbox Store App, you'll be able to quickly create excellent product page layouts.

Product Slideshow

Our brain just loves visual effects, so any product must have an eye-catching image. With the new store plugin “Product Slideshow” you'll be able to make an attractive product presentation.

Product Slideshow of Gridbox Store App - Joomla Website Builder Gridbox

As in any other Gridbox plugin, you’ll find a wide range of design settings. The important key feature of the plugin “Product Slideshow” - integration with product variations. That’s means, by changing product option (color or size) pictures in the slideshow will be changed according to selected variation.

Color Variations in Gridbox Store App - Joomla Website Builder Gridbox

Product Gallery

Gridbox plugin “Product Gallery” displays product pictures in the gallery. The plugin "Product Gallery" also integrates with product variations. Just select a product option and you will see the changes.

Product Gallery of Gridbox Store App - Joomla Website Builder Gridbox

Add To Cart Button

The "Add To Cart" button is one of the most essential elements of any online store, so it makes no sense to discuss the importance of this button.

Since the main task of the online store is to sell, you need to make the button visible with a clear call to action. With a wide range of settings, you can customize the “Add To Cart” button according to all the rules and canons of creating effective online stores.

Also in the plugin settings, you’ll be able to activate:

  • Availability;
  • SKU;
  • Quantity.

Popup Shopping Cart

“Popup Shopping Cart” is the new plugin for the Gridbox Store App that displays selected products in a lightbox. Popup Shopping Cart is a comfy way to complete purchases at any time and from any page. Allow your customers to access the cart easily and without additional actions.

Popup Shopping Cart of Gridbox Store App - Joomla Website Builder Gridbox

With Gridbox “Popup Shopping Cart” plugin no need to wait for refreshing the page, the cart instantly shows the added item and gives the freedom to continue browsing the shop.

One Page Checkout

One-page checkout is a must-have for modern and user-friendly eCommerce that makes the checkout process much more simple. Provide customers a faster checkout experience and reduce cart abandonment with the Gridbox “One-Page Checkout”!

The Gridbox Checkout Page released as a system page and includes two default plugins: “Customer Info” and "Order Info". The easily customizable plugin "Customer Info" allows you to add, rename, and reorder fields. In addition, the "Checkout" page can be customized like any other Gridbox page. So feel the freedom and build truly beautiful and user-friendly checkout pages.

One Page Checkout of Gridbox Store App - Joomla Website Builder Gridbox

High-Converting Thank You Page

“Thank You Page” is a way to say thank you to your clients after purchase, but also, “Thank You Page” is a great tool that will help you grow your business. This page is a goldmine that can boost your sales and convert your users into buyers by adding cross-sell products or coupon code for the next purchase.

Thank You Page in Gridbox Store App - Joomla Website Builder Gridbox

Using a wide range of Gridbox tools you’ll be able to customize “Thank You Page” as you need. Use the Gridbox system page “Thank You Page” in a smart way.


The Gridbox Store App will provide you the freedom of action. All examples above were created without a line of code using already available options. With Gridbox Store App you'll be able to build modern, beautiful, and high converting online stores easily on the fly.

What’s Next?

It’s better to try the Store App once than to watch screens with it a thousand times. Soon we will introduce the Gridbox Store App Beta. Yes, you will be able to install and try the Beta version of the Gridbox Store App! So keep calm. The Gridbox Store App is around the corner!

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