Sticky Header for the Joomla Website Builder Gridbox Released!

New Plugin Sticky Header

Sticky Header... we even can't remember how many times we tried to implement sticky header in the Gridbox. This day has come. Yes, we did it! Friends, we are pleased to present you the "Sticky Header" plugin for the Joomla website builder Gridbox. With Gridbox 2.4.6. you can build truly awesome sticky headers.

Sticky Header for the Joomla Website Builder Gridbox Released!

Last few years sticky headers become are very popular element. The popularity of the sticky headers can easily be explained by one simple word - usability! Sticky header make the website navigation more accessible and user don't need to scroll up each time.

Plugin Options

The Gridbox Sticky Header we implemented as a standalone plugin. But, the Sticky Header is a global plugin, that's means, added sticky header will be displayed on all pages within the Gridbox theme.

Technically, the Gridbox plugin “Sticky Header” is very similar to Gridbox Header. The main difference is that plugin “Sticky Header” does not include such options as “Layout” and “Position”, but plugin “Sticky Header” has own unique options - “Offset, px” and “Show Header on Scroll Up”.

In the video below you can view how to configure the Gridbox plugin “Sticky Header” on your Joomla website.

Please note, on the video we showed the basic stuff. You have full control over the sticky header. Set backgrounds, add nested rows, change columns, set animation, etc., all these tools are available for the plugin Sticky Header.

By the way, the Gridbox plugin “Sticky Header” is already available on Gridbox Demo editor, so you can try it right now: Try Gridbox Sticky Header!

Show Header on Scroll Up

A very interesting feature of the Gridbox Sticky Header is the ability to display the header when the user scrolls up.

Show header on scroll up - Joomla website builder Gridbox

To start showing header on scroll up, open plugin settings and check the option “Show on scroll up”.

How to show header on scroll up - Joomla website builder Gridbox

Disable Responsive

Sometimes customers ask us about how to disable responsive design in Gridbox. So, in Gridbox 2.4.6, we have added a new option "Disable Responsive". The option can be found in the "Site settings".

How to disable responsive - Joomla website builder Gridbox

By enabling "Disable Responsive", the Gridbox mobile editor will be disabled and on mobile devices, the website will look in the same way as on the desktop.


Website navigation is a very important element of the website and Joomla website builder Gridbox provides a wide range of tools that allows you to be free and build truly awesome website navigation.

Adding columns, rows, nested rows, colors, shadows, backgrounds, plugins, Joomla modules, advanced mega menu and sticky headers, and all these can be done without a line of code in real-time, it's really impressive functionality!


2.4.6 — 13.06.2018

  • Gridbox plugin "Sticky Header"
  • Disable responsive design
  • Label for the plugin "Smooth Scrolling"
  • New animations "Bounce In Bottom" and "Fade In Bottom"
  • Align "Middle" set as a default value for columns
  • Settings Icon of the "Nested Rows" moved to the right for the better usability
  • Shadow settings moved to the tab "Layout
  • Issue with replacing Intro picture for the Gridbox Blogging Item
  • Issue with selecting a picture in the Gridbox Photo Editor
  • Issue with adding Mega Menu to the Gridbox library

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